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B2 – Crochet Rib Hat Reveal

Time to reveal another gift! The last one for a couple of weeks as the rest are for Christmas. See another piece of the mystery solved every time.


This was a present for The Father for his birthday yesterday. As always, long consultation with The Mother about which presents should be arranged, and she suggest a hat could be made. I set about searching for a big slouchy hat and found this beauty from Love Crochet.

This looked perfect for what I needed. A rib in crochet which was new to me, plus using big chunky wool so quick to work up. Super perfect.


Now to look for yarn. The Father isn’t a fan of wool or wool blends. A family trait it seems, we all have troublesome skin. The pattern calls for Stylecraft Weekender, bust says you can use any yarn really as long as it meets the measurements. I decided on the Stylecraft XL, my first go at using this lovely stuff. Dark colours were needed so we went for Petrol. Again huge 200g balls which I thought would do. But no. Another little bit was needed.


I was really interested in doing a crochet rib stitch. It took me a while to get my head around that the rib was worked horizontally, rather than vertically like in knitting. Of course I forgot this half way through the starting chain and get very confused. I checked my stitches over and over so I knew they were right. But they wouldn’t fit around my head. And this was designed for a man. I had to get of the train at that point so I left the frogging for later. It was only after a frantic message to Mrs Acrosstheroad that I realised that I’d temporarily gone mad and that the starting chain was the height rather than the circumference. Silly woman.

Anyway, just going into the back loops, I hooked away. I very much enjoyed the not having to count or check a pattern. I’ve realised that I enjoy these patterns more than the complicated fiddly ones. Its nice being able to create intricate, clever looking things, but you cant beat a simple pattern.

Very easy to sew together as well this one. A gathering stitch is run through the top and then stitched up.


It can be worn in 2 ways. I usually tend to fall into the no cuff clan to have extra room for hair and anything else I might want to hide up there, but I think The Father will fall into the cuff category.


So here it is. Very big, very squishy and very warm. Which is a very good thing at the moment with the weather turning bitterly cold. I nearly put an extra pair of PJ bottoms on Wednesday night. So extremely glad The Father will be able to keep his noggin toasty.


Craft Update

A1 – Complete!

A2 – Complete!

B1 – Complete!

B2 – Complete!

C1 – Complete! Waiting to be gifted.

C2 – A very small amount of progress.

C3 – No progress

C4 – No progress

C5 – 70% through

C6 – No progress

C7 – Complete and waiting to be gifted.

D1 – More fiddly bits done. Now starting to take shape.

D2 – No progress – May keep for another time.

D3 – 70% done.

D4 – 1 more row and then I can decrease!

D5 – No progress – May keep for another time.

As you can see not a lot has gone on since last time. Reason 1, it’s only been 3 days since my last post. Reason 2, my hand hasn’t gotten any better, In fact it’s got worse. Still have it bandaged up for support. I must have pulled my thumb somehow. I’m blaming chores but this thumb hasn’t really stopped for the last 4 months. I’ve decided to concentrate on gentle projects to try and nurse it back to full strength. We’ll see how that goes…


Much love xxx


9 thoughts on “B2 – Crochet Rib Hat Reveal

  1. hello, just received an email from Avis to say you’ll be joining our SAL next update. Great to have a new member, and I’ve been chuckling while reading your blog posts. Love your writing style, and am very intrigued by your organisational skills (what’s with the A1, A2, B1, B2 etc?). You seem to have your fingers in so many pies, it sounds like a juggling act lol.


    1. Good morning! Thanks for having me! Really looking forward to getting involved. And thank you! I think that I write like how I talk, so not sure it always works grammatically but there we are.

      Oh yes with the organisation. Couldn’t function without it. The A1s and B2s are just the secret names I can give to projects rather than saying ‘that thing that I’m making for someone’ or ‘that other thing I’m making for someone else’. Would get very confusing. Means I can write about progress without spoiling the surprise. I’m hoping that it all calms down after Christmas and I can pick up my WIPs. They’ve been abandoned since August. 😦

      Your unicorn looks amazing! So much detail!


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