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Mini Update

Hello dearest Blog Readers. I hope you’re well and prepared for the coming weeks!

Again no secrets that I can uncover, so you’ll have to settle for an update.

Craft Update

A1 – Complete!

A2 – Complete!

B1 – Complete!

B2 – Complete!

C1 – Complete! Waiting to be flown away to recipient.

C2 – Putting it at 35%? So so slow.

C3 – I think I have worked the kinks for where I’ve had trouble previously. Starting again soon.

C4 – No progress

C5 – Complete! Waiting to be gifted.

C6 – 95% done! Have a final bit of sewing together and stuffing and we’re good to go. It’ll definitely be tonight!

C7 – Complete! Waiting to be gifted.

D1 – Finally have the extra un-yarny bits done that I needed and couldn’t do because I couldn’t cut in a straight line if you put a gun to my head.

D2 – No progress – Definitely keeping for another time.

D3 – No progress.

D4 – Well into decreasing but have hit a problem..

D5 – No progress – Definitely keeping for another time.

So while my thumb was getting lots better, it’s now getting lots worse again. Again trying not to panic.

Trying not to panic in general really. We’re on the official countdown. 11 days to go. So so much to be done.

Last I spoke to you I wanted to finish C6 and C2 before the end of last week. Obviously not done. I think I’ve got a serious problem with my timings! C6 is practically done however. I was having trouble with my whip stitches on the weekend. They weren’t coming out straight, or the same size or the pieces weren’t fitting together when I know they do. Much frustration, but it’s sorted now. It’s just put me back. C2 is a cross stitch so taking its time as normal. Hopefully shouldn’t be too long though. Fingers crossed.

I’m sorry to have to say that I’ve come to the realisation that everything isn’t going to get done. A very sad day. I’d already half decided that D2 and D5 would have to wait for another occasion. I also decided that I didn’t need to have the 4 items that make up C3 all for the big day. It’s for 2 little ones and Mum and Dad. Mum and Dad can wait. Sorry guys. But it means that I only have 2 smaller products to make, which takes so much weight off. I had some trouble with the pattern too. American pattern so American sizes, just to be nice and complicated. I made a sample and it didn’t come in to what it should be. I plan to change up 1 hook size to see if that makes a difference. My tension is always usually a little off so hopefully that’ll fix it. I’ve also found another similar pattern for the toddler, as even the smallest size was way too big.

D4 was going extremely well with the end in sight! Until Himself tried it on last night and it’s a tad snug. I’ve been decreasing at what I thought was a slow pace, but it seems it may have been too much. I’ll slow it down even further and see if that helps. Fingers crossed everyone!


I finally have the promised Castle grotto pictures. I could only manage to get some in the entry way, as Santa was busy with some children when I took a peek in. The pictures don’t do it justice. Every year it astounds me. So many twinkly lights. I love twinkly lights. Such beautiful decorations. They really manage to portray the magic of the season.


Also love Santas vacant chair as they walk in!


I was down with the kids again making Christmas cards. I could hardly contain my excitement when I saw we had new supplies. Who knew I could get so excited about pipe cleaners! As my last shift I decided that I couldn’t see all these new lovely things and not make some cards of my own. So I stuck and glued with the little ones. I hope the recipients appreciate the childlike charm, and not think I’m a stingy so and so.

I’ve decided that this post will be my last until Christmas, so that I can have a final push with these presents. The only exception will be this Sunday for my first SAL post. I’m very excited. I’m really hoping that it will endow me with super-fast stitching and enthusiasm. Plus it sounds really fun J Everyone has been so welcoming so far, so very glad I found out about it.

Much twinkly love. I’ll see you on the other side!

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