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So I’m feeling a little miserable that I haven’t got any completed presents to show you. Well, I have things to show you, but nothing I can publish without giving the game away. It’s awfully frustrating.

So I guess I’ll give you an update to start.

Craft Update

A1 – Complete!

A2 – Complete!

B1 – Complete!

B2 – Complete!

C1 – Complete! Frame finally bought.

C2 – A tad more progress. Maybe 25%.

C3 – No progress

C4 – No progress

C5 – Complete! Waiting to be gifted.

C6 – Started! Not just started, about 60% done!

C7 – Complete and waiting to be gifted.

D1 – No more progress

D2 – No progress – May keep for another time.

D3 – 70% done.

D4 – I’m officially decreasing!

D5 – No progress – May keep for another time.

So as you can see, despite my hand still being on the poorly side, I’ve managed to still get a fair amount done. Stitching and crochet with lightweight yarn has been easier so I’ve been concentrating on that really. The bulkier stuff was putting a lot of strain on my thumb so very glad I’ve finished C5. Nice to do but a killer on the hands. I also started C6 which I’ve really enjoyed doing. I’ve come to realise that I like doing the little things that you can turn into big projects. Granny squares are perfect for me. C6 is a bit like that. Lots of bitesize projects that need to be assembled. I’m starting to panic slightly that while I’m working on a 24th December deadline, I’ll need to see some of my friends earlier than that. So I’m trying to get C2 and C5 finished before the end of the week, with C4 for the week after. The rest are a Christmas morning opens. No doubt I’ll be crafting well into Christmas morning.

All in all it’s been a weekend of trees, decorations and general festiveness. I spent my Sunday back in the Castle helping with the Christmas card making.


Look at the mess! And that was a rare moment when I had an empty table and had had a bit of a tidy up. Again everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, which is all we can ask for. I did manage to get a (bad) picture of the Cardiff Christmas tree which has caused lots of controversy recently. Some people like it, others hate it. Personally, I think it’s better than what they usually get in. Not sure if lucky is the right word, but I’ve seen every tree that’s been erected for the last 10 years. Trust me, it’s better than the wonky ones we usually get.


We also had a bit of a disaster with our tree in my full time work…


One severely broken Christmas tree. I did suggest we turn it into a modern art installation, but no one seemed to take the idea seriously. We shouldn’t have laughed, but I’m afraid to say we did. Heartily.

Also very excited this weekend as we put our tree up on Sunday 🙂 Tree decoration day is always very special for me. While I’m not a traditional traditionalist, I do have my own festive traditions and get very upset if they’re disrupted. For example, I always read A Christmas Carol before the big day as it’s the best Christmas story, and therefore the best story ever told. Similarly The Muppets Christmas Carol always gets watched on Christmas Eve, regardless of how often it’s been watched in the run-up. (Over the years this has taken many forms – from forcing my parents while I was still at sitting on the carpet age, putting it on while drunk after the pub and frantically wrapping presents ready for the morning in my early twenties. Now in my late twenties it usually is put on after chores, then we get visitors and I have to be rude and strain to watch it. House rules I’m afraid.)

When I was middle young, my parents and I started the tradition of putting the tree up while watching Parkinson. Usually the weekend after The Fathers birthday, sometimes a bit later. When Parky hung up his boots I’m sure we used to watch something else festive, but can’t remember what. When I moved out I thought I would miss these family traditions, but I soon realised that it gave us a chance to make our own. This is our 3rd Christmas in the house, but I still remember being like children as we went to the local huge supermarket to buy our first tree. We tried not to go overboard but it still cost us a fortune. All worth it though. Having no real idea on colours or what we wanted, we decided on red green and gold, with a view to upgrade them at some point, maybe for handmade ones (see 2 years on and at least I’m heading in the right direction).


Please ignore the wonky star. I couldn’t get it to stay still.

We obviously have the tree in the dark picture. This really makes me feel festive. Festive and warm and the need to snuggle up in front of the lights. It makes me think of family, the ones that are still here but more importantly the ones that have left us. I tend to end up lit up by the glow of the tree and memories.


So we put our tree up in the traditional manner, watching Vicar of Dibley. The Christmas Lunch episode, obviously. Himself also decided to put up a garland we’d bought when we got the tree but had stashed away and never used.


So store bought and I didn’t want to tell him that it wasn’t stuck on very centrally. But still nice. Has also given me some ideas for some homemade ones.. This will eventually where the Christmas tree garland will go.

I guess I’d better give you a garland update. Absolutely nothing has been done. I’ve been trying to focus on actual presents rather than things for myself. Such a martyr. I have measured though. The garland we have there has a space of 4.5 inch in between each bauble. I think that’s good spacing right? Measuring the whole length we have 90 inches to fill. 22 little trees done so far which works out at 99 inches. Not far off! I’m planning to do some more so we’ve got a decent ‘hanging’ length. Then obviously the torturous ends and blocking. Not looking forward to that one. I did plan on doing 4 this year, but may have to settle for just this one and build it up through the year(s). You never know, I may finish everything by this time next week and I’ll have loads of time left to make garlands for myself. That would be a Christmas miracle.

So yes miserable that I can’t show you anything, and the scale of the job still at hand, I’m still feeling quite lovely and warm on the inside. My ever increasing worry lines may tell you otherwise but, I promise, festive and gooey on the inside. I’m off tonight to teach a good friend how to crochet, but in a left handed format. If anyone can give me some pointers in the next couple of hours then please do!


Much jingly love x


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