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Christmas reveal: The rest!

Two in a row! Who knew that was allowed? 

These are the ones that I was unable to categorise, so I’ve given them a category of their own – simply called The Rest!

This first one may look familiar…


It should look a lot like this hat that I made for The Fathers birthday. While I was making it, The Mother commented that it would be nice to have a scarf to match. No more prompting was needed. I ordered more yarn straight away but luckily I had some spare from the hat to get started while I was waiting.


Again as it was a crochet rib, I had to switch my orientation slightly. Usually I would start at the bottom, get the width sorted and then continue to length as needed. But for this I had to do a huge starting chain then do looong rows into the back posts.


You’ll know by now that I’ll always want to make things bigger. Why bother making a blanket is it doesn’t go round you twice? Why bother making a hat if it doesn’t cover not only your head, but your shoulders too? I’ve been trying to curb this impulse. Never more so with this scarf. I always struggle to judge sizes for other people. I was constantly wrapping my starting chain around myself to check the size. I think (hope) it came out at about right. It’s never too bad to have extra length on a scarf is it? I’ll keep telling myself that..


I also realised that there’s really only so many ways you can take pictures of scarves. It made me realise that there was yet another reason for buying a dress makers dummy. I could have draped and wrapped to my hearts content. I really do need to look into a dummy. I had a brief search a while back, and they all had such mixed reviews I gave it up as a bad job. 

But anyway, a warm scarf to match a warm hat.


Now I have to admit, when my friend asked me for one of these as a joke, I had to look it up. While my gamer credentials get me by mostly, I was brought up on Sega, so there are some things I don’t have a clue about. I’m sorry to say that I’ve never played Zelda, so I had no idea what a triforce is. I’ll leave this here if anyone is interested.. 


So my friend asked for this, as just a throw away joke comment I think, never realising that I would actually make one. And I nearly didn’t. After I researched firstly what it was, I set about trying to find an idea for what I could make. All I could find was cross stitch patterns. Which were lovely, but I knew I’d already over filled my cross stitch quota for the rest of the year. I kept looking every now and then, but was starting to give up. But with 3 weeks to go, suddenly this appeared! I don’t even think I’d searched for it, it just came up as a recommended.

With this as inspiration, I set about looking for a pattern and found this.


Such a lovely easy thing to make. It’s on my top 5 list for this Christmas. Just lots of lovely triangles. Really nice and portable, counting, but not so much that it was a chore and the finished project looked lovely. It also gave me a couple of ideas for cushions I could make afterwards. The only problem I had with it was sewing it together. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get my whip stitches to go right so it came out straight. My brain was obviously not functioning properly that day. It took me a fair few attempts to get it right.


Maybe it was the whole thinking in 3D thing. It usually takes my brain a bit longer to think in 3D, but it’s lovely when I get there. Here it is, just as I’m finishing.

Without a bottom


Awaiting stuffing
Awaiting stitching

So there we have it! This will be my last Christmas reveal for a while. The eagle eyed among you will notice there’s one missing. I’m sorry to say its still not finished. Himself has been very good at waiting for it, but is still insisting (even though he knows what it is!) that I do it in secret, which holds things up rather a lot! There’ll come a time where it’ll be ready, but I’ll be keeping you in the dark until then. J


If you are interested in the rest of the Christmas reveals, have a gander here.

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D1 – Still unfinished

D3 – Complete!

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Much love xx


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