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Wonderwool and a late April update

Hello lovely readers! How are you all feeling? To do my monthly updates, I usually look through the photos I’ve taken over the month to remind myself what I’ve been up to. Well this month may be the most uneventful month in the history of this blog. ‘Ooh! When did I go to see the… Continue reading Wonderwool and a late April update

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March update – Get a move on Spring, you’re late!

Spring, where are you my old friend? I’m going to take a guess and say that those of you in the UK are feeling the same. Thoroughly bored of Winter? Same here.   I want sunshine, to not have to wear 6 layers and lots of new flowers and growth. March in Wales is usually a… Continue reading March update – Get a move on Spring, you’re late!

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February update – still off kilter.. 

Hello you lovely lot! As the name suggests, I still haven’t got back into my rhythm yet. It’ll happen soon I know it, but everything’s been going on. And I don’t just mean that I’ve been consumed by present deadlines (although that still actually applies), but big major life stuff has been happening! Scary stuff.… Continue reading February update – still off kilter..