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SAL Update No 12

Hello wonderful ladies and gents! Time for another SAL post! Number 12. Jeez. I wonder how many I’ll get up to.. Here’s where I was last time.. Here’s where I am now. Now when I look at this, even I struggle to see the difference! But I assure you lots of work has been done!… Continue reading SAL Update No 12


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Time for an adventure I think – Glastonbury edition

Hello pawb! I get these urges sometimes, to go on a little adventure. To not stare at the same four walls and feel like I’m not wasting my life commuting to work or sitting about rewatching Red Dwarf episodes. Don’t get me wrong, I love Red Dwarf, but I’ve been told there’s more to life.… Continue reading Time for an adventure I think – Glastonbury edition

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Every celebration needs bunting

So the year of what feels like continuous 30th birthday celebrations continues. This time is for our friend Hattie. Favourite Mamma and I met Hat by chance when we were 15ish at a gig in Porth skate park. Of all places! We were milling around, not really knowing anyone, when suddenly this girl bounded over to… Continue reading Every celebration needs bunting