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Goodbyes, old friends and new beginnings

Hello lovely people. I hope you’ve all had a lovely break, been thoroughly spoiled and stuffed yourselves right up to your eye balls. It’s the only proper way to do things.

It’s been all quiet on the blog front, but a flurry of activity has been going on behind the scenes. The last time I was here I was frantically trying to get everything finished in time for the big day. Well I’m pleased to tell you that everything got done! Hurray! Well, when I say everything, I mean all the things that I hadn’t put back a bit. Let me fill you in..

Craft Update

A1 – Complete! – Had a chance to meet the little one and see the blanket in full use over the holidays. Such a lovely little thing!

A2 – Complete!

B1 – Complete!

B2 – Complete!

C1 – Complete!

C2 – Complete! I worried about this one. My friend kindly told me that she’d prefer me unstressed vs an on time present – you’ll never know how much this was appreciated – but it all seemed to come together very quickly in the end.

C3 – Complete! Another Christmas Eve finish, but a finish all the same.

C4 – Complete! This was originally meant to be a 4 part gift, reduced to a 2 part. Done and distributed nice and early.

C5 – Complete! One of the first presents I actually finished. Very lovely to do, even if I have nicknamed it the thumb killer!

C6 – Complete! A joy to do, and the present that I knew I’d be most spot on with.

C7 – Complete! But still not opened yet! I may have to put it in the post.

D1 – Unfinished. It was late one night and I was struggling to sleep. Himself sensed this and very kindly offered a postponement. I slept well for the first night in a long time. Thank you mister! This’ll probably be the last of my reveals, but it’ll be worth the wait. Promise.

D2 – Keeping for another time.

D3 – Complete! Can’t wait to show you the font on this one. I’ll be using it for every project ever.

D4 – Complete! This was actually properly finished on Boxing day. We hit a sizing issue at a very late stage, so while it was technically done in time, I added a couple of extra rows just to make it fit better.

D5 – Keeping for another time.

So as you can see, quite a fair amount of activity. And this was before the day itself! Everything just sort of came together right at the end as I knew (hoped) it would. Yes I felt broken, yes I had sleepless nights, but I hope it was all worth it in the end. Would I do it again? Unsure. It’s a lovely feeling to be able to make things for people, but as usual I take on too much. Maybe toning it down will be the answer? Or starting earlier? Saying that I started the blankets in August, so I’m not sure earlier is possible. I have noticed that as my crafting was so frenzied towards the end, my pace has increased when I’ve been working on my own things again. Every cloud maybe? Although it’ll be nice to eventually get back to lazily hooking anyway.

Now to write about it all! I’ll be stretching the posts out so as not to hit you all with one huge post over the next couple of weeks. Plus, it would probably take weeks to get it all down on a word document!

Now for some old friends..

So as you can imagine I was itching to get back to old projects by the time Christmas day was over. You’ve met Gamer Girl (I’m going to start calling her Big G for short) and I’ve actually managed to pick her up. Boy am I glad I stopped on a background colour! Eased me in to it. Still took a long time to figure out where I was and what my plan was for it. Still not sure I’m on the same page as when I stopped, but it’ll all get done eventually. The one thing I didn’t remember is how much that huge frame hurts my arm. Need to build up an immunity again I think. (Next update on 8th Jan)

But the first thing I did when I got home was to dig this beauty out.


I’m sure everyone’s got one of these lurking around somewhere. It the Granny Stripe blanket by Lucy at Attic24. I love this thing. Have loved it for a long time. Way before I started crocheting. It must have been about 4 years ago, I saw it, fell in love, and saved the page for a later date, knowing that if I ever did manage to learn, this would be one of the first things that I attempted. After finishing a giant cable blanket, I decided that it really did need a border, so persevered where I’d given up in the past and learned to crochet. This was February 2016, and I’m glad to say that I’ve come on in leaps and bounds since then. This was to be my first wholly crochet project. For months she came with me everywhere I went. Looking back at it now, it seems that even though she was being worked on all the time, I didn’t actually manage to get that much done. Shows how far I’ve come I think. The other things that was glaringly obvious was how off my tension was. Everything was pretty uniform which was handy, but oh so small! It’s strange to see how much it’s all changed in the 5 months that she’s been dormant for. I’ve been worrying about this for a while, but I’m managing to go between old and normal tension at the moment. As it’s smaller than it should be, it doesn’t quite meet the length I need it to. I knew this very early on and decided to double up on the rows to make it a better size. I’m currently on row 45 of 60 out of the first lot, so it might still be some time before I’m finished, even with my new higher speed setting. Of course my original plan was to get her finished before I move on to anything else. But then Christmas happened…

On to new projects!!

I thought instead of making a list of resolutions, it might be better to make a list of the projects for me year. Seems a lot more fun to me.

To say that I’ve been spoilt this year would be an understatement. I’ve received what can only be called a mountain of yarn.


Isn’t it spectacular? This is basically my projects for the next year. Such a wonderful feeling. Where to start?


So while making some of my presents, I realised that I haven’t had a new hat in a while. Now I love hats. I really do. I love making them, I love gifting them, but most importantly I love wearing them. Do you remember me mentioning a pattern that I really loved, that was so easy, that I didn’t want to end? Well I’m back on it! Was the thing that I wanted to do most on Christmas day while we were still with family. It took longer than normal with all the distractions (including a power cut for 10 mins at about 4pm!) but I’d finished it by the end of the night, and sewed it up Boxing day. It’s such a lovely pattern. I’ll go into it further in blogs to come, but I had to show you now. So nice to have a new hat that I don’t want to take off. Especially at the moment where its bitterly cold. My ears are being kept so nice and warm. You’ll also see I’ve got some more colours there too. Not one, not two, but enough for 3 hats worth, with loads left over! My plan currently is too make a scarf/snood with the remainder of all the colours. Hopefully this’ll mean that whatever hat I choose to wear, I’ll have a scarf to match.


Where next? Ah!


Do you remember me saying a while ago that I was planning a couple of shawls, one plain for work, one autumn colours for home and elsewhere? Well here they are..


Such lovely lovely colours. I can’t wait to get started. So much in fact that I have started on the plain one. So much for finishing things first eh? I’ve had to face facts and realise that the granny stripe is going to be too big for me to take to work now. A sad day. But it does mean that I can take something else. Here’s my progress so far.


I haven’t wanted to do too much. It would only make it bigger and therefore not fitting the criteria for train journeys, but I felt the need to have it underway. It would be lovely if I could finish it and still be able to use it this winter/spring. My plan is to get this one finished and the right size, then I can plan my colours for the autumn version. Maybe I’ll get that one done by autumn next year, ready to fit in with the shades around me. See the pattern here.


This bag of blue is destined to be my new spare room ripple blanket. I love blue, it’s my favourite. So naturally it’s the colour I wanted for me library/craft room/sanctuary. While paint is the same price regardless of colour, it seems sofa beds are not. When shopping for a sofa bed, it was becoming disappointingly clear that the colours I wanted were far too expensive, but I could go for the same model in a bright red and it was £20 cheaper. My head had to rule, but it means we now have a huge red sofa amongst the sea of calm. I wanted a nice blanket to hide the bright red slightly, but also have something nice for when we have people to stay.


In November, The Mother had the brilliant luck, and managed to win a yarn pack from Stylecraft for the Crafternoon Treats Blandala. I think my jealousy was so prominent, she took the hint and got me my own. This looks so relaxing. I might have to save it for a stressful time where it can calm me down.

Now a trio of Attic24 love..


The newish and lovely weekend bag.


The Jolly chunky bag, I’ve been aching to do this for a while. Fun and practical.


The Moorland CAL pack. Yes, I know, I may have to start another CAL. Woe is me.


Oh my goodness I’m so scared of making socks. I don’t know why, but I am. I’ve been trying not to pick up this yarn for a bit. I made a pact that if I saw some in a shop, then it was fate and I’d have to buy it. If not, then I was safe for another day. But now it’s here. With some Amazon vouchers I plan to get some books and do it properly. This one? But any suggestions would be helpful.


So I may have bought some extra and got on the bandwagon for a temperature blanket.. I know. Before you start shouting let me give my excuses. Again I had some vouchers that I needed using from my secret santa in work. It’s one of those situations where yes, I can have vouchers, but the rules of politeness dictate that I need to show them sharpish what I’m spending their money on. A couple of days before Christmas just as things were calming down slightly, I managed to get obsessed with the idea. Mostly just because I wanted to do one. I’ll also be celebrating my 30th (eak!) birthday this year, which at the moment is horrifying. So it’ll be nice to have something else to focus on every day, plus it’ll be a nice record of the big year.

I haven’t gone into too much detail now, but I’ll obviously be posting updates throughout the year. I realise there’s a lot here. If it’s looking blurry to me, I can’t imagine what it looks like for you guys.

So to evaluate, while I thought there would be a calming down of projects, it seems I have more than ever. It’s a good job that’s the way I like it really.

I tend to get reflective on New Years Eve, and usually take myself off for 10 mins from whatever is happening and have a think about the year that’s gone and the year that’s to come. I think it’s fair to say that 2016 hasn’t been the best. It seems to have flown by in a whirl of health scares, a lack of money and celebrity deaths. Despite this, we’re all still here. Things could have been worse. We’ve all learnt, moved on and are getting on with things. Things can only get better and I always get excited for what’s to come in the new year.

Wishing you all a safe and happy New Years Eve and an even better year to come.


Much love xxx



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