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Big new beginnings

As always around the winter months, I tend to get a tad reflective about the year gone by and try to look forward to the things I’d like to achieve in the year to come. Yes, I know I’m hugely late. I can’t put my finger on why, but this always feels so important to me. Maybe it’s the whole being able to tick things of a list thing. I love ticking things of a list. I’d go as far as to tell you that I’ll even put just finished jobs on the list, just so I can tick them off and feel productive. Anything that boosts my determination to get stuff done can’t be bad.

Anyway, shall we start with the craft? The fun stuff is a good place to start.

Looking at last years posts, I feel a bit deflated at all the projects I wanted to do vs how many of them I got finished. Don’t get me wrong, this blog has shown me how many things I actually finish through the year. (4 hats, 2 scarfs, 1 pair of socks, 1 shawl, 1 baby blanket, 5 sets of bunting, 1 cowl, 1 number 7, 2 craft bags, 3 Christmas cushions and hundreds of temperature tiles!)  It just seems to be that I didn’t finish (or start) the things that I wanted to.


The biggest goal from last year was socks. I always have a big goal/thing to learn/thing to master. We’ve had cables, crochet and last year socks. I’m so glad that I can put a big tick next to that box. The biggest of ticks! As usual, my new skill becomes an obsession. No bad thing. I find the best way to cement my new skills is to just do it over and over again. Obsession works well for this. Especially when it mean I get to have toasty feet!

b 1

So what do I hope to achieve this year? Well I’ve been wanted to get into colour work for a long time. I can knit yes, but there are so many techniques I don’t know. Things I need to improve on. I got this book for Christmas, which I’m hoping will be the answer. I need some easy projects to get me going. If you have anything in mind, please send them over. I’m thinking maybe this?

From this, I’d love to start making some actual garments. Looking back, it seems that everything I make is too easy. I’d like to test myself. And of course have a nice cardigan to wear. I have to admit that this lady has spurred me on with her jumpers. God I’d love to make myself a jumper. I had a lovely set of interchangeable circulars for Christmas, this book, and a whole heap of yarn. Nothing stopping me now.. Well, ok, lots stopping me, but I can’t help having to go to work.


Speaking of work, I’ve actually managed to achieve one of my goals very early. Well, nearly achieved. I’ve been meaning to get one for a while, but I can hereby announce that I’ve actually gone and got myself a new job! Who knew I could get off my backside and do it?!? Certainly not me. It’s all come as a bit of a shock. I’ll fill you in more as we go along, and as I actually start, but I’ll leave it by telling you that I’m absolutely bricking it. I’m somewhere near the top of the terrified ladder. The one thing I can tell you is that it’s more money and 9-5. I feel like I’ve won my freedom on both counts. No more having to work ridiculous hours, no more having to worry (so much) about money. I can buy shoes again. It’s liberating. Of course this fits in with my long-term goal of getting my finances sorted and getting out of debt. I always tell people that I’m really good with my money, there’s just not enough of it coming in. Finally, there’ll be more coming in. I don’t imagine living any less frugally for a while mind you. I’ve done the maths and I should be debt free in half the time, but only if I carry on the way I have been. Maybe just the one pair of shoes then.

Of course there are the usual ‘get organised’ goals, which will be ongoing until the end of time. Again, hopefully the new job means that I’ll have the time to organise and the money to get everything fixed. Nothing ever works out the way its meant to of course, but all I can do is plan and hope for the best.

Either way, the future is definitely looking brighter!


Much love xx

20 thoughts on “Big new beginnings

  1. Congratulations – on the job, the blog and on your crafty achievements! As you well know, you’ve inspired me and I’m now a committed maker of socks!
    All my best wishes for 2018 x


      1. Hmm I’ve been thinking about you guys all day. You’re all very advanced though. I’m still only at the beginning of my sock journey, no where near up to standard. How do you all know each other?


      2. Just through the power of knitting blogs 🙂 (we’ve not met in person) Don’t feel intimidated – sometimes I have very little progress to show, and it really doesn’t matter. Or you could join in later in the year, if you felt more confident then?


      3. Hooray! So the rules are very simple – you post on the first Thursday of the month about your latest sock progress, and link through to the rest of us. If you’re first, just link to our sites, and then update the links to specific posts when they go live. I think we have another new starter from March so look out for them too.

        How would you like to be referred to? (eg the others usually link to me as ‘Kat at felinity knits’)


      4. Yaaay! Very good excuse to prioritise my socks. I’m guessing it counts if it’s socks for other people by the way? (Any (sock) hole is a goal right?) And done with the rules.

        Steph at My Making Do Adventure?


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