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Starburst Hook Roll Reveal

So its time to unveil B1 from the list..


Shortly after I finally got my act together and taught myself to crochet, The Mother thought she’d have a go. We’re now as bad as each other, and along with Mrs Acrosstheroad, we’re all a bad influence for each other. Never mind. So what does every crocheter need? A space to store their hooks. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea, so she ended up with not 2 but 3 hook holders for her birthday. Surely just an excuse to buy more hooks? See, a bad influence.


Let me be clear on this, while I enjoyed making this for her, I did not enjoy this stitch. Not at all. It may look pretty, but it’s too unorganised for me. The stitches aren’t where they should be, nothing seems to be uniform, or maybe I’m just doing it wrong..


I actually saw the pattern in a magazine that The Mother passed on to me. Immediately I knew this was the project for her. I set about looking for the right colours and came across the Stylecraft Gold, Camel and Spice. They go lovely together, but for some reason they remind me of my mum. Rich reds, golds and oranges, very autumnal, very mum. Combining it with a cream to lighten it a bit really brought out the other colours.


Colours at the ready, pattern opened, hook poised. And I couldn’t do it. I mean I’m not great at reading patterns at the best of times but even Mrs Acrosstheroad couldn’t figure it out. It obviously has a chained section at the back to hold your bits in, but it wanted me to add them as a row, rather than add it on afterwards. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get it right. Failed attempt after failed attempt. In the end I put it down for a month. There were blankets that needed my attention, but it was always there in the back of my mind.


Time was pressing on, so after our trip away, I picked it up again. What is it they say about repeating the same action over and over again and expecting a different result? I decided I would try just a regular starburst stitch to see if that was any better. Have a look at the comparison photo below.


You might not be able to tell the difference, but it’s glaringly obvious to me. The stitches sit flat and don’t puff out, the edges are flatter and it just looks 10 times better. Putting the pattern quietly away, and gritting my teeth, I set about finishing the stars.


Now don’t get me wrong, putting 7 or so half done stitches on your hook, then pulling them all through was lovely. Joyous even. And I love how the stitch looks. It’s not really the stitch itself I hate. It’s the finishing aspect to it. I’d be happy enough to do rows and rows of stars, if I was guaranteed I could edge it properly. Maybe I just like things too easy, but I like making a new stitch out of a proper old stitch. I don’t like having to guess where I’m going to put my hook next. Edging around the sides means you have to make spaces into a tr. And you’d think that it would be fine on the flat edge, but the stitches all pull tight and distort. As you can imagine I was miffed.


Maybe it is just me? Maybe if there were a couple of rows to start the bottom before the repeat started they wouldn’t be all bunched up? Maybe my tension is pants? Either way it’s a bitter sweet project really. Glad that I’ve learned something new and created something for The Mother, but I won’t be doing it again soon.


Anyway, I ploughed on with the border. I used a dc to give it strength and chained a loop on the final round. I then made a chain and slipped it into the main body at regular intervals.


That done, I filled it with tools and went to attach the button.


I picked up this lovely one for 55p in our local market. As you can see I did have some issues to start with. But a smaller needle and splitting the ply finally did the job.


Ta da!




I’m consciously trying to take better photos also. What d’you think? But now, time for your weekly update..

Craft Update

A1 – Complete!

A2 – Complete!

B1 – Complete!

B2 – Yarn on its way to me.

C1 – 95% done. If it’s not finished tonight I’ll be close to throwing it out.

C2 – No progress

C3 – No progress

C4 – No progress

C5 – Yarn on its way to me.

C6 – Yarn on its way to me.

C7 – Yarn on its way to me.

D1 – No progress

D2 – No progress

D3 – Design finished, printed and ready to go.

D4 – On its way! I think I’ve finally got the technique down. Row 4 out of a million it feels like currently.

D5 – No progress

This week I’ve mainly been focussing on D4, and thanks to the help of the master, been coming on quite quickly. Still feels like its going to be going on forever though. I can’t wait until I can start decreasing!

I’ve also been doing as much as possible of C1. Sneaky spoiler: It’s a cross stitch. Therefore it’s taking forever. Bulk of it is done just little fiddly bits to do. And it will be finished tonight! Or else! I’m just about to start my week (4 days) off for making. I need to concentrate on D1 and 4 this week while Himself is away. But will hopefully have chance to get B2 finished and start lots more! The weather is so dreadful here today, I’m just really looking forward to not having to get up or go out for 4 days. I’ve stocked up on food, yarn delivery is expected tomorrow, all I’ll need is a warm pair of socks, a huge box set to see me though and of course the craft. Saying that, I haven’t decided what I want to watch yet! Very big decision! I’ll have to have a good think while I’m finishing of C1! I’ll try and post updates during the week of the yarn delivery. Who doesn’t love the postman bringing them lots of squidgyness?

See you then! Much love



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