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The return!

I’m alive! I’m back! I’m ever so sorry for the delay! This post was originally titled ‘November update’, which tells you how long I haven’t been writing for. It’s been sitting in the folder sniffing to itself, wondering what it did wrong. Goodness I’ve missed it! And you all obviously. So hello strangers! How are… Continue reading The return!


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July update and 50th post!

I cant quite believe I’ve made it to 50 posts! I very clearly remember setting up my account last October and publishing my very first blog post. I wasn’t even sure there’d be a second! I’m very glad there was. I’ve had lots of fun, learnt a lot and most importantly have enjoyed the organisation… Continue reading July update and 50th post!

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A very merry crochet birthday to me!

So a very important date has completely passed me by! With all the activity in January, I completely forgot that I was celebrating my crochet birthday. I’m usually a sentimental fool, how could I have forgotten? Seen as it plays such an important part in my life.  Its hard to believe that its only been… Continue reading A very merry crochet birthday to me!

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Christmas reveal: Hat edition

So welcome pawb to the third instalment of Christmas reveals. The one you’ve all (probably) been waiting for. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love hats. I rarely leave the house without one on my head in some shape or form. It’s not surprising that I decided to make so many… Continue reading Christmas reveal: Hat edition

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Christmas reveal – Boot edition

Well I said I’d space out the Christmas reveals, but didn’t mean for them to be this spacey. But here we are, the second instalment of the Christmas reveals. This time, we’re looking at boots. These were for one of my favourite families. The mum is one of my oldest, closest, bestest friends, and she’s… Continue reading Christmas reveal – Boot edition

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Christmas reveal: Cross stitch edition

WARNING! Some of the projects in this blog could be considered rude! Please turn away now if you’re easily offended.   Its finally time for the first of my reveals! About time! I need to say straight away that none of the stitches here are of my design. Full details of where to find them… Continue reading Christmas reveal: Cross stitch edition

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Goodbyes, old friends and new beginnings

Hello lovely people. I hope you’ve all had a lovely break, been thoroughly spoiled and stuffed yourselves right up to your eye balls. It’s the only proper way to do things. It’s been all quiet on the blog front, but a flurry of activity has been going on behind the scenes. The last time I… Continue reading Goodbyes, old friends and new beginnings