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April update

So I told you I’d just be on the cusp! Just sneaked in.

I’m afraid my news is a bit sparse this month. I’ve already told you about Easter, nice walks and Wonderwool. I mentioned that I’d been struck down with a dreadful virus, which is finally starting to clear although it’s still weighing heavy on my chest. (Cue puns about the bosom size..) It meant that I completely lost track of time for a whole week. It’s all a bit of a blur from Good Friday until the following Thursday night. I should have kept a tissue count, it’ll be in three figures.

The biggest news is that we’ve finally booked our holiday!  After planning for two years, saving for one year, we’ve finally got something sorted. I last went on holiday to Barcelona 2 years ago with Himself and his parents. While it was lovely, we were averaging 25K steps a day, so it wasn’t very restful. We’ve been dreaming of a do-nothing holiday ever since. I’ve never been on a sit-by-the-pool holiday before, I’m not sure I can do it. Saying that I like a challenge, so I’m willing to give it a go. I’ve also never been on an all inclusive holiday, so it’s going to be very strange for me. It sounds like just eating all day. Again, I’ll give it a go. I’m really looking forward to having time to relax and to ourselves. This will be our first on our own and our last before we have to be boring and settle down. We need to make the most of it.

The question is now, what do I take with me. I always used to take heaps of books away with me, but my reading brain has been turned stubbornly off for the last year. Saying that, I’m bringing some just in case. My problem now is that I’ve so well integrated my reading time into crafting time, I think I would struggle to go back the other way.  I have been fancying picking up some of my favourites however so I’m taking those. I’ve got them both in paperback, but I’ve splashed out and bought them for kindle. Oh how I’ve changed! In my defence, our weight limit is low, one of the books is hefty, and it leaves more room for yarn. I’ve gone for High Fidelity – my second favourite book – by Nick Hornby, and one of my favourite Marian Keyes, This Charming Man. I reread this every couple of years and it’s been lent out a couple of times. This is beginning to show on the cover…


As you can see, it’s weighty. Good to get it in a lighter less breakable version. How many I’ll have the time or the brain power to read will be the question. I’ll let you know how I get on.


The next question is what craft to take! Very important! Again, weight limit and space needs to be a factor. I always take too much, but equally I don’t want to run out! Especially if I find I can’t take the doing nothing as much as I thought. Luckily, after our Wonderwool excursions, I have some ideas.

Firstly, we have the c2c..


I bought some lovely yarn to start my c2c journey and make a summer scarf. This seems like the perfect project to take with me, lightweight and compact. As much as I love blankets, I think maybe I need a holiday from them too. The more observant of you will notice that this isn’t the yarn I bought last week.


This is the Caron Cakes I bought a couple of months ago, which were always intended to be a c2c blanket. I haven’t even unpacked it as I didn’t want yet another blanket on the go. I was being so firm with myself, but I needed something to practice on. What better to practice on than the stuff I was going to eventually use. As you can see, I’ve literally only tested the pattern. This is how quick it takes to learn. It makes it a firm winner for holiday crafts. I just need to confirm that I can take a hook on the plane and I’m set.

I also talked last time about the possibility of a new obsession: Socks. Here I’ve been less strict and have taken them up already.


Again, I’ve only just started, but I’m not sure I can bear to leave them here. Maybe this will change when I get to the heel? At the moment I’m only focussing on the leg, not even thinking about the perils that await. Again, I’m not using my fancy wool. I’m practicing on my stash of Stylecraft Head Over Heels that I got for Christmas. How’s it going you ask? Well I feel like I’m trying to knit with pixie needles. But I’ve definitely gotten into the hang of knitting in the round which is a first for me. Considering I crochet in the round all the time, I’m not sure why knitting the same way would be so worrying.


Has anyone seen the new Hydrangea pattern from Attic24? It’s taken us over by storm. The Mother asked for the yarn pack for mothers day so of course I obliged. I really thought nothing of it until the pattern came out and the yarn arrived. It’s so lovely. Lovely doesn’t even come close. I think I might have dribbled. Being the great woman that she is, I received one for Easter. Yaaaay! I might have told you that I’m a Poll Clerk for the councils elections, and this would be the perfect project to take with me to do. Again, this needed some work before I could take it and do it without thinking. I don’t remember much of my week of being ill, but I do remember wrestling with a huge starting chain. The sizeist in me struck again and I decided to double the size of the blanket so that it would fit the length of the sofa.


After my first long 360 starting chain I regretted this. Not because it was tedious, but somewhere along the line I miscounted, and my tension was too tight. I knew I wouldn’t be happy with it, so yes, I frogged it and started again. Only to find out that I’d miscounted the second time too. I’d used up my daily energy by that point so fudged it so it was right. No one will ever know. Apart from you lot obviously. Here’s the progress so far.


Not very far, but considering the length not bad. I got most of it done while on hold to the travel agency people.


I’ve also realised that while I like to make big blankets, they’re incredibly hard to photograph, especially in this stage. Once more rows have been completed then it’ll be a lot easier. My pictures don’t convey how lovely this pattern is. You really need to see it in person. While we’re waiting for me to get on with it, here’s The Mothers progress so far, far more beautiful than my own.


So yes, not suitable for holiday, but very much suitable for sitting behind a desk for 13 hours.

In other news, the ATR project is progressing nicely. Again, I can’t show you anything, but  Mrs ATR is getting bigger and baby ATR is getting closer to emerging. I’d best get cracking.

No progress whatsoever on the shrug. I could just put up the last picture, but I feel like it would just be insulting you.

Temperature blanket on the other hand is progressing nicely. We managed to get to yellow!!


We had one lovely warm weekend.. And then it got cold again. We’ve had a huge range of temperatures this month, ranging from 2 to 17. It might have been the virus, but I’ve been freezing for weeks. It’s interesting to see how it’s all been panning out, not just in the colours, but in the data. Given my love for a good spreadsheet, Himself is shocked that I haven’t already got one on the go for this blanket. Would that be something that anyone else is interested in? How much do you guys love graphs? Maybe I’ll just do one for myself so it’s there if you want it..

Anyway, here is March completed. Please ignore the kitten that likes to go up the step ladder..


And here is where I’m up to now. I’m actually quite pleased with how up to date I’ve managed to get recently, I’m only a couple of days out from joining so it’s not far off what it should be.


The day where I can make and join the days hex actually on the day is fast approaching.


All in all, lots of little things have been going on this month. Lots of starts and testers. To tell you the truth I’ve been favouring Big G over everything else this month. I’m really getting into focussing on sections and it’s amazing how much more motivated I am now that I’ve got the SAL to keep me going.

The thing that has been stopping me has been our little fluffy boys. Especially this one..


As I type he’s decided that he wants to come and sit on my lap, it’s making typing very difficult, so if there are any typos, blame him.


While they both tend to sleep right through the evening upstairs, this one has been coming down at 11pm on the dot (just when I want to go to bed) demanding to be fussed. They’re not really the sort that liked to be cuddled all the time, so it’s strange behaviour. Maybe it’s just the changeable weather, maybe it’s because they’re leaving a trail of black fluff everywhere they go, maybe he’s just sick of his brother. Who knows. It’s been nice. I just need to get him to settle down straight away rather than pad for half an hour first. It would be a great victory indeed!


I actually have this bank holiday off! I didn’t think it was possible. Of course this good luck means that of course Himself is away for it. You can’t mess with the rules of the universe. This means my plans are quiet and lazy. Lie ins, pjs and involving a subtle blend of craft, light cleaning and telly, with no one but the fluffy ones to distract me. I hope you’re having a similarly lovely time!



Looking through my pictures, I’ve realised I’ve got a lot of kitten outtakes. I’ll just leave them here..




Much love xx

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    1. Not at all! Stands for corner to corner. So you sort of crochet a triangle and then even if off when you get the width you need. But you can do some amazing things with it. Have you seen all the graphgans and interesting blankets? Most of those will be c2c.

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