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SAL Update No 25 

Hello you lovely lot!   How are you all finding this bank holiday? A little different to the last one eh? One thing that is the same, is that it’s time for another SAL update.  Here’s where I was last time..   Here’s where I am now.  I can promise you a true spot the difference post… Continue reading SAL Update No 25 


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Once Upon A Sock – May 2018

Hello you lovely bunch! How are you all feeling? Are you all wondering, like I am, where this year is getting to? At least the best is yet to come. I’ve been freezing for days, but it’s definitely on the right track. And now, to socks! Last time I’d just started my leg. I’ve come… Continue reading Once Upon A Sock – May 2018

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Wonderwool and a late April update

Hello lovely readers! How are you all feeling? To do my monthly updates, I usually look through the photos I’ve taken over the month to remind myself what I’ve been up to. Well this month may be the most uneventful month in the history of this blog. ‘Ooh! When did I go to see the… Continue reading Wonderwool and a late April update