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Wonderwool and a late April update

Hello lovely readers! How are you all feeling? To do my monthly updates, I usually look through the photos I’ve taken over the month to remind myself what I’ve been up to. Well this month may be the most uneventful month in the history of this blog. ‘Ooh! When did I go to see the… Continue reading Wonderwool and a late April update

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Unexpected Sock presents

Guys I’m so excited about this one! I’ve had my sock yarn swap through! I’ve called it unexpected, but that’s not quite accurate. To be completely accurate, I’d have to tell you that I’d completely forgotten that I was expecting anything. It puzzled me for 2 days before I could get to the sorting office.… Continue reading Unexpected Sock presents

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Here we are again – Made By Hand and fireworks

Wow a year rolls round fast! It seems like no time at all when this blog was shiny and new and I was writting possibly my second ever post about Made By Hand. How time flies! And it really does fly.  This post was meant to get out to you at the start of the… Continue reading Here we are again – Made By Hand and fireworks

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October update

So I’ve just gotten in on the cusp of this month! In fairness, it’s been a very busy month. Where to start. Obviously with trees. My obsession has well and truly exploded this month with everything just being the most amazing colour. Yet again I keep getting frustrated that my camera can’t capture what I’m… Continue reading October update

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Time for an adventure I think – Glastonbury edition

Hello pawb! I get these urges sometimes, to go on a little adventure. To not stare at the same four walls and feel like I’m not wasting my life commuting to work or sitting about rewatching Red Dwarf episodes. Don’t get me wrong, I love Red Dwarf, but I’ve been told there’s more to life.… Continue reading Time for an adventure I think – Glastonbury edition