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Wonderwool and a late April update

Hello lovely readers! How are you all feeling?

To do my monthly updates, I usually look through the photos I’ve taken over the month to remind myself what I’ve been up to. Well this month may be the most uneventful month in the history of this blog.

‘Ooh! When did I go to see the pyramids? Oh right. That wasn’t me…’

The most interesting picture from this month is of one of the birds that live in my local Costco. Here it is.


He was dangerously close to the poultry. I wonder if he realised.


I don’t even seem to be able to waffle on about the weather. It all seems rather bland. I can luckily show you some Cherry trees which have bloomed and gone within the month. So very pretty, but I wish they lasted longer.




Even my Cherry fruit tree has done some growing. Which is nice. I thought it was dead. We won’t talk about my Jasmine..


Anyway, its safe to say that my operation disappointment and boot woes have hampered my month. Thank god I had Wonderwool to look forward to. More on that later. No doubt, you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve seen more healthcare professionals RE The Boot, and I’m no longer bound! I can officially start getting out in the world and looking about a bit.

Possibly the biggest change is that I’ve joined Slimming World. I felt that if I couldn’t get out to exercise, something else needed to be done. DISCLAIMER: This will not become a slimming blog. I have enough of counting syns and worrying about speed food (yes, this still sounds alien to me too.) I don’t need to be harping on about it here too. I’ll briefly tell you that my cooking skills haven’t got any better. My syn free chip mush is a testament to this. Quite tasty though. I’m still finding the ‘Group’ aspect a bit strange, but I’m sure it’s all doing me good.

I’m putting a positive spin on my craft, and saying that I’m being very good and not starting any new projects. Unfortunately this does make for somewhat bland reading. You’ll be glad to hear that there is a Once Upon A Sock post and a SAL post due for this week. Today however, you’ll have to content yourself with my Woodland blanket.


I still love these colours. My thought is that the quicker I can finish this, the quicker I can start my mystery blanket (don’t’ worry, I haven’t forgotten that you’re still in the dark) in the same colours. I even did some blanket maths yesterday to spur me on. Here’s what we have so far.


I’m still not very far along, but in usual me fashion, I’ve gone for the larger size so rows seem to go on forever. Yet again I conclude that I work better at making smaller elements and joining than working on one big piece. Never mind. Must persevere.


On to the big event!

I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to attend this year. Firstly, through having just had an operation. Secondly, via interference from The Boot. Regardless of either, I’m sure The Mother and MRs ATR would have bunged me in a wheelchair and used me to get disabled parking. If I could be used as a tool to part a crowd, then so much the better. As it happens, I was wheelchair and boot free! Don’t get me wrong, my ankle was on the sore and stiff side by the end of the day, but I’m glad I managed to do it under my own steam. Progress.


Overcast weather turned up in place of the rain that was forcasted. Marvellous. Not great for taking pictures of mountains on the way, but not so hot inside the show. Every cloud..


I won’t go into too much detail. I’ve said it all before. Plus I’m betting that enough of you know what a yarn show looks like that you don’t need telling. All I will say is that it was wonderful. And expensive. Obviously. There were felted Fish, crochet Crocodiles and Bowie jumpers. There were goats..




And of course handsome looking sheep.


I love this aspect of yarn shows. Every stage from the animal to the finished product.

I think it’s sometimes overwhelming walking in to these places. So big, so many people, so much beauty. I went obscenely over budget of course. As usual it seems that I bought mostly the same thing over and over again. (Do you find that? That you buy the same yarn over and over?) My lust for orange and blue is still strong. Nearly 100% sock yarn, but I did begin to realise that it could be used for other things. I saw some lovely patterns for mitts. They’re now on my list. Anyway, here are my favourites.

HeyJAy Yarns

The Mother has been obsessed by these people. With good reason. It’s lovely stuff. Orange and blue yes, but I also felt that this carried on my beach theme of my current socks. The tweedy bits give it extra texture. Beach socks should have texture if they possibly can.

The Knitting Shed

A must for me was visitng The Knitting Shed for my fill of Ainsworth and Prin. Just look at how strong these colours are. I did of course try an orange with the navy, but decided to be brave and bold and try yellow instead. They do say you get bolder in old age don’t they? I might already have a project in mind for these. Kats Helical socks maybe? What d’you think?


Mrs ATR waved this at me (enabler) and I immediately thought Starry Night. I wasn’t actually playing ‘Guess the yarn name’, but I’m still glad that I got it spot on. Also, made on a boat. I knew Himself would approve.

Dragon Hill Studios

I’ve fallen in love with these people a tiny bit. Not only were they absolutely lovely, but they produce the most wonderful self-stripping yarn. I wish I’d taken a picture of the stall. Look at the yellows in that. Always a sucker of a grey and yellow too. I can’t wait to see how it comes out.


And that’s your lot. I deliberated with showing you it all, but I think that would only increase my shame. You’ll see it eventually I’m sure!


Bland has been the word for the month, but I’m very lucky that I got to inject some colour in at the end. I promise to try and be more interesting for you all for next month!


Much love xx

11 thoughts on “Wonderwool and a late April update

  1. The Dragon Hill Studios yarn looks like it will knit up interestingly. Glad you were able to go to the even. I like the colors of your Woodland Blanket. Such a setting is properly represented in it.


    1. Thanks Kathy! Between you and me, I’ve gone over on it again since then, so i’m back a couple of steps! I’ll get there though! There’s a reason why Himself calls me Calamity Steph…


  2. I definitely end up buying similar yarns repeatedly but all the ones you bought look lovely so who cares right?


  3. So glad you had a good time and managed it on your own two feet! I couldn’t makae it this time for all sorts of complicated reasons but enjoyed your pics x


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