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Once Upon A Sock – May 2018


Hello you lovely bunch!

How are you all feeling? Are you all wondering, like I am, where this year is getting to? At least the best is yet to come. I’ve been freezing for days, but it’s definitely on the right track.

And now, to socks!

Last time I’d just started my leg. I’ve come on in leaps and bounds since then! Or should we say heel and feet?


Leg, done. Heel, done. Gusset, done. I’m feeling quite smug. It hasn’t felt like I’ve been slaving over them, but they just seem to have appeared. I like it when it does that. I’m about 20 ish rows on my feet out of the 50 ish I need, and then the toes. No time at all. Maybe it’s a little too quick? So quick, that I haven’t even taken progress pictures. The only one I can offer is just after the gusset, where my split thumb is the main focus.


Ouch. Even this didn’t seem to slow me down. I actually think that I got more done, as the sore thumb (yes, it did stick out) meant that I couldn’t scroll through my phone without it being painful. Very interesting anti-procrastinating trick.

The yarn is working up lovely. It’s very freeing to not have to worry about matching them up. I had a bit of trouble taking pictures – it was actually too bright! – but hopefully you’ll be able to see the pattern a bit better. I even tried taking one in direct sunlight for you. Still isn’t right, but it shows the colour a lot better.


I’ve also managed to eliminate my gusset holes! Well.. Normal gusset holes. I picked up even more this time, determined to get rid once and for all. This achieved, I started to notice gapes in other areas. Back to the drawing board. I’ll get there eventually.


I’ve done these in a smaller size to what I would usually use, for a tighter fit. It seems to be going well. I tried them on pre-gusset and they weren’t too small. All I can ask for really. I’ll keep you updated when I get to the toes.

So will I finish these by next time? I’m not going to jinx myself with this. I might be, but I’m not promising. I’ve learnt my lesson. There will be no pressure to deliver, then disappointment when I fall short. They’ll come when they’re ready.

Anyway, now for the fun bit. Please go and have a look at the other outstanding sock projects on display today. Every month I dribble over them. I’m sure you will too. Go on, off with you!

This time we’re all linking up a different way. Go here for this months socks.

We’ve got 5 weeks until the next post! A long wait, but well worth it. We’ll see you on the 7th June!


Much love x

21 thoughts on “Once Upon A Sock – May 2018

  1. Look at your lovely socks! They look fabulous.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen, but we have a new approach for linking up OUAS posts this month (not that I don’t appreciate the personal link!). Have a look at Paula’s latest post – you can click on the button at the end and submit your own post 🙂


  2. Ooh! That yarn looks so yummy. Congrats on getting through so much since your last post. It can sometimes take me a year to make one pair of socks, depending on what I’ve got going on, so I love your quote that they will get done in their own time. I didn’t realize it was a whole 5 weeks til the next one. Sometimes they come so fast and other times it seems like a long time.


    1. Thanks 😀 That’s very true. My first pair took me the best part of a year, but i seem to be getting quicker which is at the very least progress. Even though I’m sure it’s 5 weeks, I’m sure it’ll fly by! We’ll have to reconvene next time and see whether it really did or not.


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