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October update

So I’ve just gotten in on the cusp of this month! In fairness, it’s been a very busy month. Where to start.

Obviously with trees.


My obsession has well and truly exploded this month with everything just being the most amazing colour. Yet again I keep getting frustrated that my camera can’t capture what I’m seeing. Look at this red..


Unfortunately, it was bin day, so you’ve got those too, but there were a couple of patches of this around the town and I could’ve spent hours photographing them. I even crossed back over the side of the road I’d just left to get this one.


Now I call this the pink lady tree. Before all the leaves fell to the ground, it always reminded me of a pink lady apple. Multi-tonal and luscious.

Temperatures have plummeted unsurprisingly with lows of 4 yesterday! I’m not sure I can bare to put all those blues back on my blanket. Luckily we’ve had some lovely bright days to go with it. Of course this makes it extra cold so we’ve finally put the heating on! Hurrah! We’re still going all out on the jumpers, hoodies and giant socks though. Any excuse really.

We’ve also been awash with adventures this month. God I love adventures. We of course had the Bracknell adventure, but I’ve also had lots of gigs to go to. Last time I mentioned that I’d seen my old friend Lily, and we met up again to see This Is The Kit. When we met up, Lily asked if I wanted to go, and to her surprise it was already in my diary. I love this band. I realised while watching that it had been 5 years since I’d seen them last, so it was lovely to get reacquainted with them. They’re a lovely melodic folky band and with some amazing voices. It was wonderful to see Lily again and have a chilled evening. Relaxing and energising at the same time.

The other gig was entirely the opposite.


Goodness I’ve been so excited for this show! So much so that I’ve been putting off important things until afterwards. If I’d had an arm off I would have still gone to this show. The band is Lightyear and they take me back to my youth. As a teen, they were my favourite band. There was a huge local scene when I was a nipper and they were firmly in there at the top. It’s skacore, so it gets a bit rowdy, but I love that too. In my old age I’m not as prone to jumping in there as I was in my youth, but its still fun to watch.


You might not be able to tell, but that’s a two person pantomime horse that eventually came crowd surfing towards us. I looked over at The Gwr and she had the same look of horror as I did. What do you do when you need to try and surf two people in a pantomime horse outfit? Anyway, we came out of there a sweaty mess which is the way it’s meant to be. It was wonderful to allow myself a smidge of abandon, dance about and intentionally shout my voice away.

I did a bit of research writing about this and ended up on the record labels website. There was a long list of bands that we used to love that are now no more. How sad. Some of the recordings don’t even exist now, let alone the live performances that I remember. I feel like old Rose on the Titanic. ‘It exists now only in my memory..’  At least I have those memories at all.I’m so grateful for them.

Unfortunately, this month hasn’t been all fun and games. We’ve had our fair share of house woes. I feel like I jinxed it last update by talking about trying to be positive in the face of a falling down house. The situation well and truly crashed down around me, almost it seems, by the strength of my positive vibes. We finally had our roofer round, after waiting for him got 6 weeks. Its still not fixed. We had a boiler service and the engineer threatened to turn the gas off. He was a hideous man. There’s also a whole host of electrical issues, including a blown up plug on my washing machine, which could have caused a serious fire. I’m now washing everything at The Parents. (Thanks Mam!) I won’t fib and tell you that I wasn’t overwhelmed, because I was. It seems like we fix one thing and 3 more serious problems take its place. And why does it all have to happen at once? Anyway, it feels like house issues are trying to drown me at the moment, but all I can do is make my lists, make my phone calls and hope for the best. The plus side of this is that I’m on the first step of the ladder for my goal of finding a good tradesmen. I think I’ve finally found an electrician I can trust! It’s early days, so I don’t want to count my chickens, but he’s been ever so good so far. I think it probably helps that he knows that I need to start directly paying my wages into his account.


The little ones also had to have their booster shots. Oh they hate the vet. So do I actually. I’m under the firm opinion that its worse for owners sometimes. I was so anxious for them. Its always a stressful experience. Being herded into a box, taken towards what must feel like their doom, being frightened by lots of boisterous dogs and then being prodded and ‘stabbed’ as Himself like to call it. They used to be so good going to the vets, until they had their manhood removed and now they shake with fear. Usually nosy and troublesome, they just stay completely still. You have to pick them up and drag them where you need them to be. We had to take the top off the box as the big one wouldn’t come out. I never knew cats could sweat from their paws, but I do now. I was as much of mess as they were. Poor things.

To top all of this down I was struck by an awful virus. I was so shocked by how quickly and how fiercely it dropped me on my bum. Within 7 hours I was like a zombie. It took me an hour to lace my new shoes. Even when ill, I usually get up and potter around, but there were some long bed days that needed to happen. I feel like I lost a week somewhere. Of course Himself caught it too, but recovered pretty quickly. Tissue count – 2 man sized boxes. Thank goodness for Costco eh? Feeling as rubbish as I did, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity for me to wear my new socks. They did an amazing job of cheering me up. Well done socks.


On that note, on to my current socks!


What d’you think?

So despite my best efforts to keep them matching, one went rouge. But I actually quite like it I think. Especially seen as they’ve come back together for the patterny bits. Have a look.


I’m half thinking that I wished the other one had gone a bit rouge and had the same colour. I really like the here-then-not-there blues. The colourway is names after the sea, and you can really see that with the rogue one.


I especially love how the colours have turned out on the heel. I wish I could say I planned it like that, but its all the yarn. I didn’t do so many rows on the leg this time so they’ll turn out a bit shorter. The gusset is complete, so I’m hoping that it wont be much longer and I’ll have an extra pair to add to the collection. Is it bad that I’m already wondering which pair I should start next? Meh, can’t be helped.

I’ve also just realised that I’ve forgotten to tell you about the Guilty Yarndale cowl.


It’s very nearly finished! I’ve got about 12 more rows to do (thanks to my very late train this morning!) and again I hope to be finished very soon. Mostly because its freezing and I need a warm neck.


This is my first go at moss stitch and I really love how it works out. I’m finding it quite slow going though. Does anyone else find this? I’m not sure if its because it’s thin yarn, but I’m constantly looking and checking as to where my next stitch should be. It’s creating such a lovely textured fabric. It’s thin and stretchy but still warm and soft. And yes it still does smell of sheep. The lady who sold it to me said that I wouldn’t get that much left from the bundle, but I’m hoping that I might get a pair of socks from the leftovers. (Obsessed I know.) Maybe a very short pair. I’ll need to weight it when I’m finished just to make sure. I love how the colours blend into each other. Again I’m having to have faith in the pattern sometimes and trust that the colours are tried and tested. It really has that hand dyed feel. The yarn sometimes reverts back to the previous colour, or the pearl base. The pearl base then gets in on the action and takes on a purple colour, like its got a nasty bruise. It’s turning out darker than I’d imagined, but I still love it.

And now time for the blanket..


So very close to finishing now. This is with September added. You can see that the greens are creeping in. We’ve had our first blue outsides and the lighter blues have started appearing in the middles. There wont be many yellows now I’m afraid to say. Every time I look at this I realise how much I love this particular yellow, Saffron. It just seems to shine. Very glad I chose it. Looking at it now, I’m realising that I need to start adding some half hexes on the end pretty soon. It’ll be finished before I know it and I should be prepared.


It’s also nice that its functioning as a real blanket already. We’ve got it out when extra layers were needed. I just spent most of the time staring at it. Yes, its been a pain sometimes, but its such a wonderful thing to have. I can look at the colours and remember those warm or cold days and what we did. A great reminder of my 30th year. It’s also got kitten approval. They’ve not wanted to get off a lot of the time. A very good sign I think.


Anyway that’s all from me. I hope you’ve had en enjoyable Halloween seen as thats what today is! I’m not a fan of scary films, but I may go watch Shaun of the Dead which is one of my all time favourites. Funny zombies are as much as I can stand!


Much love xx

13 thoughts on “October update

  1. You have had quite the month with the house and being ill, hope you are on the mend now! The socks, the temperature blanket, wow they have come along since the last time I saw them! The colors on both pair of socks are so nice!


    1. Oh yes, it’s been all go. Getting there slowly thanks 🙂 Pushing myself to get back into my routine. It’s strange. Because we do a SAL post every 3 weeks, a month for a regular update seems like ages. Coming along though. I’m half way between loving the blanket and being sick of the sight of it. Socks are my selfish respite 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hope you’re feeling better and that things are sorted in the house. I love the stitch you’ve used in that cowl – and I’ve just bought some drops Fabel to make my 2nd pair of cocks, so it’s great to see it knitted up x


    1. Thank you! I’m getting there, but please keep sending good vibes 🙂 moss stitch is lovely. I’m not sure about a whole garment in it, but it makes a lovely stretchy material. Tehe cocks. Such a child. I can’t wait to see these socks. You’ve done them so quickly! Are you addicted yet? What colour way did you get?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I got Opal Hundherte – it’s a mix of blues/greens and a brown. Lovely, but I’ve just bought some Drops Fabel at half the price so I’m planning on doing everyone socks for Christmas! x


      2. Oooh I’ve heard good things about Opal. Oh yes, when you’re looking at £2 something for 50g its hard not to buy the whole lot. My only advice would be that it’s difficult to match them, but not impossible. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!


  3. What a month! I hope you are over the horrible bug now. Good luck with the house! I’m sure it will all be worth it once done.
    I love your blanket! I really enjoy seeing the variations on this theme. Your colours are lovely!


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