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Guilty Yarndale cowl

So it’s finally time to show you a finished object! I can hear your shocked expressions from here. 

This one has been finished for so long but you won’t have seen it since October when I was 12 rows away from finishing. As is usually the way, I finished, then went straight on to something else. This time it was Christmas presents and the mystery blanket, so I have an excuse, but I’ve only just managed to get around to taking pictures of it. Appalling behaviour.  


Let’s have a recap. 

This is my Guilty Yarndale cowl, or Rainbow Linen stitch cowl to give it its proper name. It is what it says on the tin. It was on the expensive side (not that the yarn was expensive, just as a project I couldn’t afford at the time!), but I fell in love with it and bought it when I probably shouldn’t. Very glad I did though.  


So this yarn and pattern is from The Knitting Goddess. You have alternating rows of Pearl then colour in Linen stitch. I’d been wanting to try out this stitch for a while, so it was nice that fate threw this in my lap. I started immediately.  


All the patterns in this book are really lovely, but this one stood out for me. The stitch itself was really easy and gave a wonderful look to the fabric. The only thing I struggled with was seeing the thing! I now know that my glasses weren’t up to scratch, but at the time I struggled to see where I needed to put my hook. Note to self for next time: Use bigger yarn, put your glasses on! This all meant that progress was slow going sometimes. Definitely worth it though.   


The main reason for falling in love with this one is the colours. I have to admit, that I was slightly sceptical, but I needn’t have been. Sometimes it seemed that the colours were drifting further away than they should, but they always came back to where they should be. They blended together so well. Obviously designed specifically for this project, which was nice. The colours, the Pearl especially, were so tonal. It was a mystery and a delight to see what shade would come up next. Sometime things turned quite dark. Greys and purples, like angry storm clouds. This must be one of the best things about hand dyed yarn right? If I’d picked up another bundle, I might well have had a lighter cowl and a completely different feel.  


I was also surprised at how stretchy the fabric was. It felt more like weaving rather than crochet. Does that make sense? Like I was weaving a length of fabric rather than crafting something in particular. Anyway, I’m definitely planning on using this stitch again. On what, I don’t know. But it will get used. Please let me know if you have suggestions! 


I also pondered at whether I’d have enough leftovers to make a pair of socks. With my Christmas yarn scales, I have weighed what I have left, and I can confirm that I should have enough! It’ll be bitty, and I might have to redo them a couple of times, but I have 85g left which should be plenty. My socks at the moment are coming out about 75g, so I should have more than enough. Despite the maths, I’m still dubious. I’ll have to try it and see I think. Again, let me know if you have any stripy vs plain sock patterns, I’m all ears (and toes)! I know you shouldn’t start projects just in case you have enough leftovers for socks, but no harm in looking for an extra added bonus.  


Anyway, while I’m waiting for that to happen, I can keep warm in my new rainbow linen cowl. Which is handy, seen as it’s still freezing outside. Stay warm and safe everyone! 



Much love xx 

26 thoughts on “Guilty Yarndale cowl

      1. I don’t like wimpy cowls that keel over and the back of my neck to my shoulders has to be covered which is why two wraps is pretty good for me but three is even betta.
        I hope to start on a shawl soon but trying to finish my socks which I posted today. Hopefully they’ll be fully done by Once Upon a Sock in three weeks.


      2. Yea I agree. They should have structure. This one is quite tall, so covers neck and a fair bit more. Maybe it’s better to do them shorter but longer so they go round a third time. Dunno. More research needed! I’m tempted by a shawl I’ve seen recently too, but I’m trying to be good and finish things. This of course doesn’t apply to socks!

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  1. Wow this looks gorgeous. I assumed this was knitting to begin with but I might have to give this a go if its crochet!


    1. Thank you! We’ve got more snow due, so it’s come in very handy today! Oh he knows! Such a poser this one. He sleeps on the bed, and when we come in, he’ll look at us for a second then stretch out like he’s saying ‘look at me wondrous beauty…’ funny boy.


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