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October update

So I’ve just gotten in on the cusp of this month! In fairness, it’s been a very busy month. Where to start. Obviously with trees. My obsession has well and truly exploded this month with everything just being the most amazing colour. Yet again I keep getting frustrated that my camera can’t capture what I’m… Continue reading October update

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Time for an adventure I think – Yarndale edition!

Oh my! I can’t believe how excited I still am about this. Looking it back, it all feels like a surreal (but expensive) haze. More like a dream than anything else. Maybe that was because tiredness was catching up with me after a 7 hour journey? Maybe it was the mythical status of the show.… Continue reading Time for an adventure I think – Yarndale edition!

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We’re leaving on a jet plane..

.. unfortunately, we had to come back again. Holiday snaps always tickle me. Not the pictures themselves of course, well sometime maybe, but how they’ve changed over the year. It used to be people congregated around to watch a slideshow of people travels. IT always reminds me of the scene in Brideshead Revisited where the… Continue reading We’re leaving on a jet plane..

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The long awaited birthday..

*WARNING! This post may contain images that some may find offensive. If you are easily offended, please turn back now!* Yes, it finally arrived. I’ve been mentioning this birthday with apprehension and dread for a while. Even on the evening before I was still sure there was something I could do to prevent it, but… Continue reading The long awaited birthday..

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And after all, you’re my Wonderwool..

Hello lovely people! Straight off, let me apologise for the puntastic title. I couldn’t help myself. Ever so sorry. Let me also apologise now for what will be an epically long post, because this my friends, is all about Wonderwool! Oh how excited I’ve been for this weekend. A customer, of all people recommended it… Continue reading And after all, you’re my Wonderwool..