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And straight on to the next..

Hello wonderful people!

As you may have guess from my last sock post, I’m full of the joys of sock. Goodness I really am. And I think I’ve figured out why..

It feels like I’ve stumbled on the perfect project for me. It has all the right components.

Amazingly portable – with my handy bag bought here, I can knit them anywhere. Train platform. Cooking sausages. Anywhere. I almost whipped them out at a gig the other day. Not because the gig was boring, quite the opposite, but because I my hands feel broken without a project in them and I could have gotten away with it! If only it wasn’t socially acceptable!

Small enough to not be overwhelmed – While I like to think I’m awesome at big projects, in reality it’s just not true. I work much better on the smaller ones. Being able to do them anywhere means I’m finding all these extra little snippets of time to get stuff done, meaning they grow without me even noticing. Plus, now that I’m not afraid of the scary middle, I’m not getting bogged down but a long middle process.

Fun X 2 – My goodness I’m enjoying the process. I can’t even tell you why really. Testing without being terrifying? Who knows. It’s also enhanced by the purchasing opportunities. Sock yarn is just so interesting and beautiful. How is it going to work up?!? I’ll have to knit it and see! It’s like a lucky dip every time.

I really love socks – No, I mean REALLY love them. People get socks as standard for Christmas and birthdays and are disappointed. This is my wet dream. Especially fluffy ones. Or geeky ones. Actually it’s just any socks. And now I can make my own. Combining my unnatural love with craft and coming up with a practical item. I take it back, this is my wet dream.

Anyway, this isn’t just another long winded advertisement for sock knitting, I’ve done enough of that. This is just a way to excuse why I’ve started, and lead you into my new pair. Here they are.


Drops Fabel from the birthday stash in the Blue Sea Print colourway.


Why am I using two I hear you ask. Well, this yarn comes in 50g balls, so I selected so that I could knit the pair together. I’m hoping this will really cement all my new skills. I won’t have to wait a whole sock length until I do another heel turn, or wait an age to remember how many gusset stitches I need to pick up. I’ll be able to repeat it immediately and know that it’s in there. It also actually feels like I’m getting double the result for the same work. Sounds silly and definitely all in my head, but it feels like half a job.


I obviously also picked them for the colours. The band doesn’t tell you the name of the colour, and looking it up I can clearly see the sea theme, but looking at it it felt very autumnal to me. The oranges are spectacular in real life (I’m devastated but it looks a dirty orange under awful work fluorescents) and the deepness and variation of the blues scream cold, frosty and bright mornings.


Using my trusted Winwick Mum pattern, these were started on the way back from Yarndale. And I’ve managed to get some way since I originally took my photographs.


I’m not sure if they are meant to be more patterned with a smaller footy. But I’m more than happy with them. They were matching swimmingly too, until the yarn decided to do something strange. Tut. I quite like it though. Just hoping that it doesn’t go on too long and it gets back to matching soon. Not sure I could cope if it was all off.


Anyway, we’ve got a weekend away with lots of passenger time this weekend, so hopefully they’ll be finished before you know it to add to my sock empire. The way the trains are running at the moment, it might be even sooner, despite the funny looks from my fellow commuters. I’d stick my fingers up at them, but I’d have to stop knitting for that! 🙂


Much love xx

18 thoughts on “And straight on to the next..

  1. Drops yarn can be a bit of a law unto itself; sometimes it’s wound in opposite ways in the ball and sometimes it just does something quirky, as it looks like yours might have done. I think the trick is to embrace the difference – and if you can’t, give them away 🙂 xx

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    1. Hello again! Yea I think it’s gone rogue, but it seems to be calming down and getting back in line again. I quite like it actually. Gone off and done different things, but have come back for a pink stripe. I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhere..

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  2. “because my hands feel broken without a project in them” – Me too! I feel quite lost without some yarn when I go out. Sitting in a coffee shop with a non-knitting friend and no crochet hook in my hand is just weird!

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    1. Oh I really struggle with this. I’ve always hated being bored anyway, but it’s extended to hands too. Also, all that wasted time! I read an article today about how many extra books you could read if you cut out social media. Not that I want to cut out social media, but if I can get an extra half a round in while I’m waiting for my porridge to finish then I’m going to do it!

      It’s always a difficult one. Lots of friends just accept it, and I don’t ever think about it really, but I’m sure there are those who think it’s really rude of me to get craft out when I’m with them. More research needs to be done I think.

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      1. Just think how many people sit in waiting rooms with nothing but a phone or an ancient magazine for entertainment! I don’t know how they do it. Learning to knit or crochet without looking leads to even more opportunities of course, though I think crochet is a bit trickier for that. Keep on KIPing or CIPing, I say, it’ll make it easier for others to do the same. xx

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      2. Oh god waiting rooms! If anything it takes your mind off it. I’d love to start being able to knit and walk at the same time. It feels like the most efficient use of time ever. I’ll have to make do with knitting and not falling over on the train for now 😆

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  3. I know how you feel about always wanting something to keep your hands busy. I simply cannot sit in front of the TV in the evening without crafting. It just feels wrong!
    Gorgeous yarn for the new socks by the way.


  4. I don’t think knitting or crocheting is rude when with friends. I think it more rude if friends are forever looking at their phones. As long as the work is simple enough so that you can concentrate on conversation I don’t see a problem in most cases.
    I got laughed at when I was crocheting in a pub garden…I didn’t even know the people!
    Your socks look great and I really love the colours 🙂


    1. I agree with the phone. It’s all relative I guess. I wouldn’t get Big G out when I have visitors, shes just too big and brain consuming. Yarn stuff however is fine, I can still have proper conversations. Crafting in beer gardens is brilliant. it’s the combinations of so many wonderful things. I just think, you can laugh, but at least i’m being productive and creating something with my spare time. They’ll be sorry when they have cold feet in winter!


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