And many mooooore..

So you may have noticed by now that birthdays get celebrated on this blog. We’ve had the crochet birthday, a general craft birthday, my thirtieth and not to mention the money milestones and of course lots of finished object happy dances. Room for one more? This one is the real achievement. I’ve officially had this blog for one year.

Who’d have thought!?!

Lets see some stats.

65 posts


1405 visitors


Not a lot, but this has surpassed my wildest dreams. Looking at my first post I can remember having to force myself to press the submit button. I remember tentatively discussing the idea with Himself, wracking my brains over a name, finally setting up a page, then taking a whole month to actually put out my first post. Reading it back, I wasn’t even certain I’d write another. The thought of anyone reading it never really crossed my mind, certainly not finding such a warm and supportive community to go with it. I still tend to write and edit a post then send it out, like a message on a balloon, with no thought of it ever being found.

So I always get surprised (and quietly delighted) when I see that someone has read something I’ve written. Last Tuesday I had this surprise and shock to the power of ten when I quickly checked my stats and found that they were huge! And going up as I was looking at them. 235 views by the end of the day. What on earth?!? I knew that someone must have shared something somewhere, so I set about being an internet detective. My Glastonbury post was the culprit so I searched and found that Normal For Glastonbury had found and shared it. I was incredibly grateful but also overwhelmed. All those people reading my writing. This is going to sound silly, but I’m not sure that’s what I signed up for. Let me explain..

While I obviously get excited when people read my stuff, it’s not something I ever imagine happening. With the exception of The Mother and Mrs ATR, none of my friends regularly read it. Not even Himself reads it. This mostly happens because I don’t promote it at all. A couple of close close friends know I have it, but no one else. It’s not exactly a secret, but I’ve kept it quiet. I don’t think I was ready for people I actually know to read would could be personal, sensitive, delicate information/ramblings. Much better for supportive people I’ve never met to read that sort of stuff right? Anyway, I’ve realised over the last week how fortunate I’ve been to stumble upon the readers I have with the Glastonbury share. I had my first ‘dont read the comments’ moment. And they weren’t exactly bad, but they weren’t what I was used to. Maybe I’m just over sensitive. Either way, it made me feel uneasy about my fragile, made of glass blog. I can only imagine it’s like sending your child to their first day of school. It needs to stand on its own two feet and grow, but you still want to protects its innocence.

Anyway, through these comments I realised that I got some of my facts wrong. This can be put down to a lot of factors, but I’m going to site mostly tiredness. I love this blog space, but I’m mostly pooped when I’m writing it. It’s written at the end of the day when everything else has been done. Or snatched half hours in work when things are quiet. Between working full time, trying to keep the rest of my life afloat and actually doing the things/craft to write about, this blog can sometimes get neglected. I’d love to be able to spend more time on it.

But, in an effort to try and make myself feel better, I’m amazed that I’ve achieved any of it. Remember the very first where I thought I’d be a one post wonder? I need to remember that I’ve managed to achieve it at all and be proud. In my first post, I spoke (unsurprisingly) about my love of lists and it’s been amazing to see things being ticked off on this blog. I’ve loved being able to document the adventure and of course the craft. I think this proves once and for all to Himself that I can finish projects. I can officially blow a raspberry in his direction.

I’ve also found that this space has pushed me to go further and achieve more. Yes I’ve got a lot finished, but would I have gotten them finished, or so quickly, if I didn’t have to use them for blog fodder. Similarly, would have I been as motivated to go on adventures without it? I’ve definitely been inspired by you guys and the adventures you have. Is it all down to that? It’s a real chicken vs egg scenario. Is it all just junk anyway? I mean reading back the Glastonbury post, it seems mostly fluff. Is there any substance in anything I write? Am I just overthinking things and getting too theoretical? Yes. Most definitely. Am I just looking for sympathy and affirmation, or is this just the witterings of an over anxious brain. Completely the second. I don’t expect any of you to have gotten down this far, but if you have, this isn’t a pity party! Quite the opposite. 🙂

So what are my goals for the future? Will I keep this blog going?

Oh hell yes. Sorry to say folks but you’re stuck with me. I think this writing business has been cathartic for me. I get to get my feelings, thoughts and plans on to electronic paper and send it out into the world. Whether this is read or not is immaterial. It’s the process that’s important. Unfurling the tangled web in my brain and seeing whether it makes sense. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t, but at least I’ve tried and I feel better for not keeping it all in my brain.

That being said, my perception has changed slightly. With the Glastonbury post I’m now more aware of how others read this blog. In my head, I only ever see craft minded people reading it, but of course it could be read by anyone. I’m more aware that most of the time (as Himself regularly tells me in real life) I ramble on incoherently and expect you all to know what I’m talking about. Being more coherent to everyone is certainly a goal.

Generally I’m pretty happy with it, so more craft obviously, and more time spent doing what I’m doing. I firmly believe you should always spend as much time as you can doing what you love, and I feel so lucky to have found over the past year that I adore doing this. Now just to find the magical time tree (hopefully next to the money orchard) so I can give enough time to all the things that I love.

I’ll leave you with some of my favourite photos from the year and just give my thanks for your attention and support. Wittering on with you guys is so much better than doing it by myself 🙂








Much love xx


10 thoughts on “And many mooooore..

  1. I’m the same. I witter on and don’t really care about “blog stats.” It’s nice to get Likes and Comments but I don’t worry about advertising to increase my readership or anything. I blog for me. Some people who’ve been blogging for a tenth of the time as me have ten times the readership, but I’m not going to fret about it. Carry on, you’re obviously enjoying it, and so are your readers!


  2. Congratulations on your Blog anniversary! I know I feel much the same in a lot of ways to you about your Blog. It’s quite funny. Those close to me in all likelihood don’t know about it (I’ve had it for two years and only just told my own mother!) but I love sharing with the friends I’ve made through blogging. Madness but anyway! I know what you mean about time though. I love writing, but half the time I haven’t had time to stitch, which means I can’t write!


    1. Thank you! It feels strange that I keep it secret, so I’m glad I’m not the only one. I guess I’m not the sort of person to promote myself generally either. Oh the time! One day, I think it would be wonderful to just craft and write all day. When we become millionaires..

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