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Once upon a sock – March 2018 

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant hapus Pawb!

Happy St Davids Day everyone!

So I left you with teasing glimpses of a new KAL on Tuesday. And here it is! Not that long to wait was it?

I came across this KAL by chance, I’m very glad I did. A Knit Along for socks? Where do I sign, I thought? I’ll give you a moment to adequately imagine my glee..


Much like the SAL updates, these lovely ladies post on the first Thursday of the month with their latest sock makes. Everyone is making something different, meaning there is lots of lovely variety.

Hang on a sec, let me make sure I get everybody..

As usual, you’re advised to go and wonder at the projects on display, and let someone know if you’d like to join in. I might be wrong, but I suspect that knitting socks is always better with company, even if its internet company.

Anyway, I start my first one with a finish! A tad backwards I’ll grant you, but that’s just how it’s ended up.


Some of you will already have seen these guys on their way to becoming whole, but feast your eyes some more.

My second pair, and I’ve not lost any of my lust for the making of them.  I decided to do these at the same time. Not to get over the dreaded second sock syndrome, but so that I could practice the tricky bits of them at the same time. Repetition is definitely a factor for me, and being able to do two heel turns etc at the same time was a bonus. No waiting to knit a whole other sock before I tackled Kitchener again. It also felt like I was doing one lot of work, but getting two socks out of it. Is that weird? I know it’s just my imagination, but it seems to work for me so I’m running with it.


Oh the yarn! I nearly forgot the important bit. Drops Fabel, which came handily in two 50g balls for easier use while doing two. I love how vibrant these colours are. I’m also slightly obsessed with blue and orange together currently. They fit the bill quite nicely. You’ll see from the pictures that one went slightly awol in the middle of the leg, but returned tidily back at the orange. What a rebel. I think at first, I was slightly horrified, but I quite like it now. A bit of variety without even having to engineer it. They’ll do nicely.


So what next you ask? Of course, I’ve already decided on my next pair, but have held off on casting on until time is on my side.


I’ve decided to give this a go. Himself very kindly gave me some for Christmas, and I was rooting around trying to decide what next when these called to me. I wanted a relatively inexpensive yarn while I’m still practicing. I’ve also been wanting to try it out for a while, so perfect opportunity. I am sorry to say that I’m planning on going for a plain sock again. Yes practice, but I’ve found my first pair are getting slightly slack with wash and wear. I want to try these with less stitches to make them snugger. I’ll give it a go. Once I’ve found my magic cast on number, I can look at doing fancy cables and using delicious expensive merino. For now, I need to get the basics right.

Hopefully I can progress my skills with this KAL. Goals include getting rid of the hole in my gusset (again, I wish this didn’t sound so rude..), mastering Kitchener once and for all, and eventually, just maybe, doing some colour work. I’m always happy to lap up any advice. Please tell me everything and anything you know. It’ll all help.


Anyway, enough socking for now. Next update is on the 5th of April. For now, enjoy your St Davids Day, snow and most importantly the crafting.

Much love xx


23 thoughts on “Once upon a sock – March 2018 

  1. They look fantastic, congratulations!

    About the hole at the corner of a gusset/heel – it’s so common and often still happens to me now. My two tips are: pick up one or two or even three extra stitches at that point after you’ve turned the heel (and then work them away – k2tog or ssk – over the next few rounds). AND, if all else fails, go back after you’ve finished and tighten up the hole with a bit of spare yarn from the inside afterwards. It’s a faff (gives you a few more ends to tidy up), but means you are hole-free 🙂


    1. Thank you! I’ve tried picking you extra there, maybe not enough? I also wonder whether I’m doing something silly like pulling too tight. I’ll have to give the stitching option a go for now. It’s all practice, but I’ll get there 🙂


      1. I advise picking up one more stitch than you think you need to (and then picking up another one). It’s always going to be at the ankle so no harm in those few rounds being a little bit wider than the rest of the leg 🙂


  2. Aloha; welcome to Once Upon a Sock! I’m happy you’re joining in with us. BTW, My blog is now Stefanie Crafts with Wool Paper Fabric as I’ve retired Wooly Cakes ^__^. LOVE, love this aqua in your fresh pair of socks! Terrific finish to cozy up your feet. Pls do be vocal about Paintbox yarns. I’m so curious about them and love their brand ball band.


    1. Thanks for the welcome! I’ve found you, it looks wonderful! No problem on the Paintbox! I’ve just realised I didn’t give the colourway, but it’s Beach Hut in the Pixel. For all my talk of not starting them yet, snow days seemed like a perfect time, I could resist. You can tell it’s lovely already. Still on cuff, but its so soft and easy to work with. The drops split a lot, but this is brilliant. I havent done enough to work out how the colours look long term yet, but my goal is to have a decent length of fabric to look at for next time. See you then!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love those socks! I don’t knit but I have several friends who do. I’m going to have to make sure they know about this KAL. 🙂


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