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Once upon a sock – April 2018


Hello lovely people! How are you all?

I’ve been hugely excited to do this post. It’s amazing what a new project can do!

Last time I was adamant that I was going to wait until the mystery blanket was finished. This lasted all of 3 hours. By midday I was happily casting on, completely forgetting my promise to be good. Oh well. Generally I’ve been pretty good with finishing WIPs this year. One step back for 3 forward is fine right?

Anyway, here we are..


I’ve actually gotten slightly further with these, but you’ll have to make do with these photos for now. Regulars will know about my tendency to have accidents. I’ve got another one for the books. Another fall, in a near mirror image to my holiday fall. Same ankle, same knee. The only difference this time was that I fell into a puddle. I give you permission to guffaw. As this happened on Thursday night, it meant that the entire Easter weekend was devoted to keeping my ankle elevated. Perfect sock knitting time! Of course I could only use one foot to test them on, seen as the other looks like an elephant leg. (Upside of falling over: Sometime you get the prettiest bruises! Beautiful deep purples and yellows, and some combinations that remind me of space gas. Every bruise has a space cloud lining.)

It was a good job that I had all that time, as this stuff is lovely. I don’t want to put them down. They’re very soft and solid, minimal splitting. In fact, there’s only been splitting when I’ve had to untwist the working yarn it and I’ve gone too far. You all know what I mean.


I like aptly named yarn. This colourway is called ‘Beach Hut’ and it’s spot on. I look at it and I see sand. The pink and blue flecks really make it tonal and mimic the inconsistencies in sand. Even looking at it makes my hands remember the salty, oily dryness of the beach. Once again, my pictures don’t do it justice. In better light, and real life, it’s a lovely.. well.. sand colour. The blues and pinks stand out really well. This is definitely my favourite of the range. It also seems like the best if I wanted to put it with other solid colours for toes and heels. So many options with this one.


So, cuff is done and leg is going well. I wanted to get enough length to show you how it worked up. I’m not planning on doing a huge leg for these. Short does me fine. I’d like to get through the fiddly heel and gusset by the time my operation comes around. Then I can just relax and plain knit without having to worry about counting or decreasing.


We have new banner pictures! Aren’t they wonderful?

Please do go have a look at the other beautiful projects on display today. I’m in awe of these girls. Definitely standards to aspire to. Here are the details…

I think I that’s it from me? Nope, nothing I’m forgetting. All I’ll say is I’ll see you on the 3rd for our next update where hopefully, I might have a nearly finished sock. Shush, I should know better than to jinx myself like that! Tut.

Much love xx


32 thoughts on “Once upon a sock – April 2018

  1. I like those flecks in this yarn. I’m sorry you feel and have such swelling. Glad sock knitting kept you comfortable and happy.
    Pls add Meg of Intergalactic and Tammy of Life and Yarn or Yarn and Life to your group list. Thank you!


    1. The flecks are lovely. I’ve been thinking today what else you could do with it. The list is seriously endless. I’m not sure how the others would fare, but this shade works with everything else, and by itself. May have to buy some more.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ouch. I’m a klutz myself and no stranger to elephant ankles and toes. Hope you mend fast!

    The yarn is lovely – I can really see the speckles in your second photo of the cake, And the tweedy denim it’s photographed beside would make a nice contrast colour/texture for the heel and toe!


    1. Do you find that at least if you’re always having accidents, that you’re well prepared? I know that I need to put ice on, and I’ve got bandages ready to go etc. I hope so too, but more time for knitting if not 🙂

      Ooh you’re right! I don’t ever need pressure to make anything blue. This yarn works so well with everything


  3. Wow! I’m so sorry for your fall, Steph; however I am also in awe of the amazing colors of bruises. I’ve been sporting a lot myself lately since I have been in the process of packing, moving house, and (still) unpacking. It’s amazing how many corners there are to bump into. I hope you heal soon and are now able to walk around. I love your sock yarn and the way you describe it. You take me right back to the beach 🙂


    1. Haha as long as I’m not on my own! I almost get disappointed when they’re not as pretty as they could be. Not an excuse to get more though! How’s the unpacking going? Never something to look forward to, but a new house is exciting 🙂 especially seen as the stressful part is over.

      It is lovely. I keep staring at it. It makes me want to go skim stones and eat ice cream. Well.. most things make me want to eat ice cream so maybe it doesn’t count.


  4. Sorry to hear about your fall 😦 I hope your leg returns to normal size very soon! The socks are going to be lovely. There’s nothing like hand knitted socks for warmth. Good luck with the upcoming op. You do know how to live it up!


  5. Oh no! That stinks to experience the same injury! I go through bouts of “startitis” too–it’s hard to not cast on once you’re excited about a new project! I plan to join y’all next month–heaven knows I have waaaay too many socks sitting around unfinished!


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