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SAL Update No 14

Hello lovely people. It’s that time again. Let’s see how it went.

Heres where I was last time..


And here’s where I am now.


I have no idea whats going on with my pictures today, but no matter how many I take, I can’t get them to not looked washed out. Apologies.

Now, absconding from my usual ways, I’m most of you can see this right away.


I’ve been working on this section here. It’s a bit like cheating as it’s in a block, but I promise that it took some time.

I always find it amazing with Big G how the confetti stitches are made up. Looking at the picture you wouldn’t think you could ever have so much pink in there. It’s a good job I like a lady that keeps me guessing.

While there was noticeable progress, as always it’s never as much as I’d like it to be. With the colder weather coming in, This one has been giving me grief that I’m not solely for his personal use. Tut.


You’ll know the drill by now, but head over to see the other amazing works of stitch art. You won’t be disappointed. Now shooo!

We’ll be back for more updates on the 29th, so see you then!


Much love xx

22 thoughts on “SAL Update No 14

  1. each time I see an update on this project, I can’t thinking how brave you are to be stitching something so intricate and huge ^^


  2. What amazing progress! There is no way I’d have the patience for something like this. It’s looking great, and being able to see progress will no doubt spur you on.


  3. Yes, I can see this without looking hard at all! Hurrah for you! This thing is so huge, I think it might break me, but then I did do a monster project before my kiddos arrived on the scene, so maybe it’s easier to jump in when one is younger…😊 well done.


  4. Great progress…and that kittie is a cutie! My stitching was slow since my cat Neko insists on laying on my lap and nudging at my hand while I stitch 🙂


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