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The return!

I’m alive! I’m back! I’m ever so sorry for the delay!

This post was originally titled ‘November update’, which tells you how long I haven’t been writing for. It’s been sitting in the folder sniffing to itself, wondering what it did wrong. Goodness I’ve missed it! And you all obviously.

So hello strangers! How are you all?

The last couple of months just seem to have gone by in a whirlwind. I’m just starting to feel that the dust is settling. So why the absence? Have I been jet setting about? Glamourous parties? Top secret spy mission?

No. None of the above.

I’m afraid to say it’s all been a bit mundane. Lots of work, viruses and many house woes. It wasn’t all bad though. There were lost of positives and I’ve decided to focus on those. So strap yourself in for bite sized updates of events. Try to keep up.

Where to start? Cake? Let’s start with cake.


Now I’ve talked a lot about our definitive list of the best afternoon tea venues. In November, Himself and I got to spend a lovely afternoon at the top of the list. It is by far the best place, and we’re lucky enough to have it right on our doorstep. Well, relatively on our door step. Remember The Deck for your next trip to Cardiff and make sure you book in advance. I’d forgotten how good it was. I mean I knew it was good, but I only remembered just how fantastic it was until I was cramming the most delicious sandwiches in my mouth. The fluffiest scones. The richest brownies. As always, we never manage to finish the cupcakes, but I can confirm that my choice of lemon meringue was spot on. Himself forbade the taking of copious pictures, so you’re unable to marvel in the beautiful crockery or gaze in wonder at my pot of hot chocolate. Oh yes, a pot! As someone who doesn’t drink tea or coffee, I always feel a tad ostracised at these things. The crunch point for me is always how well they do a hot chocolate. Will it be enough? Will I be allowed to have more when I’m finished. Will they fail miserably and make me pay extra for it. Any who do get a black cross through their name and are never visited again. Nothing can compare to getting a pot of chocolate to yourself. It makes me feel so special. Despite not being able to finish our cupcakes – which is actually another good mark for a tea room – we gave it good go.



Before we got there, we managed to have a wander around Craft in the Bay (which isn’t called that any longer) where we got to look around some amazing artwork and craft in lovely tranquillity. And look!


I had no idea that they had pieces there! Do you remember I had brief pictures of Fauxidermy from my Made by Hand post? I was feeling horribly guilty about not getting decent pictures for you. I felt you needed them. So I was hugely glad to be able to show you better pictures.

Look at the detail in the neck. Every muscle is accounted for.


We have lots of birthdays before Christmas. Best of all is The Father and The Mother. Usually celebrated with some form of take away. It was nice to take some time out and be able to spend time with the family when everything was so hectic around me. It was also nice to be able to set up a sock box for The Mother.


It was one of the most enjoyable and easy to put together presents I’ve ever assembled. I’m glad to say she was pleased, and has started on her sock journey already.



Last year, I had the pleasure to head back to my old work to help for Sanats Grotto. Luckily for me they asked me back!



It’s a wonderful thing to do. The set up changes every time, so less glitter this year, but that’s not always a bad thing. Mostly it was lovely to see my castle family again.


The festive period was also laden with many friends and many shows. Old friends from the north, festive pie and cocktails with The Gwr, and party food with the ATRs. We also had the Panto dress rehearsal (perks of the job – always much funnier than the real thing) and we got to see Stephen Fry perform! It was one of those events that really your chest swell with pride to see such a wonderful event at your place of work.


And now for the event itself. I still can’t believe that I haven’t been here since before Christmas. It feels like a lifetime ago doesn’t it? In fairness, it all feels like a blur. A flurry or project finishing and work, highlighted with twinkly lights. We were all thoroughly spoilt. The budget was well and truly blown. I was deliberating on showing you my yarn, but it might come across as showing off. Also you shouldn’t advertise the nice things you have. The yarn burglars (I’m sure that must be a real thing) might be watching. I’m sure I’ll show you through the year as projects get started.



Speaking of projects! It’s been so long since I’ve given you an update on what’s going on. So many things finished! I’ll post about most of them later on, but for now..


I finally finished my Christmas trees!


Many of you may wonder why they’re doubled up like that. The answer is that I hugely overestimated how many I’d need. I also overestimated how much spacing I’d need. They didn’t look right closer together, but with that spacing I had double the length. A lesson learned for next time maybe. I always struggle to estimate drape. Luckily Himself was helping me hang them and he realised we could get a double spread out of it. I’ll see if I can find a more suitable place for next year. I also realised until they were packed away that I hadn’t taken proper photos! You’ll have to make do with the above until we trim up next time.

Socks. Good god I miss my socks.

Obviously I had the trees to finish, but I also had a couple of presents I was working on. Not to mention the secret big birthday project that has now taken over my life. Luckily I’m in love with the usurper, but I do miss my socks.

I’ve managed to finish the feet, and now they’re both stopped at the toes, waiting for me to look at them again. Abandoned and alone. At Christmas too. I’m a horrible monster. Another couple of months and I can concentrate on socks again, but hopefully I’ll find time to finish these off before then!


With the change of New Year, I’ve now collected all the temperatures I need for my blanket. As you can imagine, I’m still not up to date. It took a while to get out of the habit of checking it every day, but now I couldn’t tell you what the temperatures are! All I know is cold!


This is how it sat at the end of November, but I’ve come on lots since then. Temperatures have obviously taken a turn for the blue. We also saw the lowest temperature of the whole year. A whopping -9! I had to find a colder colour for it. I felt that 0 and below doesn’t cover the enormity of -9. I went for a cream, which felt right for the snowy conditions outside. As it’s been getting colder the blanket is slipping more and more into every day use, even though its not finished. The big ‘un has adopted it as his already. We’ve had a couple of hairy moment where he’s got a claw stuck in there and threads have pulled. I’ve learned my lesson since and put it away safe.


Anyway, I’ll probably do one more update on this blanket and then squirrel it away for the big reveal. How long that will take is anyones guess. Stay tuned.


I think that’s about it! Did you make it through? Apologies once again for being absent for so long. Hopefully I’ll be overflowing with opportunities from now on to get back to this lovely little space.



Much love xx

8 thoughts on “The return!

  1. I was thinking about you and your temperature blanket earlier this week, wondering how it was coming along, and if you were finally over your virus. Hope you haven’t had to move from your house to the ark! Glad you are back!


    1. Hello! Over the virus yes. 🙂 Thank you for thinking of me! Haha we havent decanted to the ark yet. The law of the universe means that it hasn’t rained since. You’d think that was a good thing, but it means our new roofer can’t see where the water is coming in! Roofs are tricky it seems. Blanket is coming on yes. It’s nice to have an end in sight, if that makes sense? Think I just need an extra day in the week to get around to everything.

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