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August update

Hello lovely ladies and gents, I hope you’re all well and enjoying your summer!

Apart from our jaunt to Glastonbury, things have been pretty quiet around here. Theaters are meant to have a dark period in summer. None of the companies tour, people need some well earned time off and things get rigorously cleaned. When I first came here, I was told that I’d have to be good at finding things to do – which of course I am – but in my years here not once has this ever come true! I always seem to be busier in summer than at any other time. Is it because I put off lots of jobs until summer? Or is it because I have to cover for people on holidays? I can only presume it’s a crazy mixture of both. This all means long days complete with early mornings. I’m not really a morning person, so I’ve been very proud of myself that I’ve been managing to get in at an earlyish hour. I’ve also tried to team it with early nights, but that hasn’t always gone so well. According to my Fitbit, I’m still not sleeping enough, but at least I’ve shifted the times slightly.


The weather hasn’t been conducive to summer fun has it? I’ve even started to get my winter jumpers out. Colder than normal with far too much rain. Yes it’s been summer rain, which is the best sort, but still not peak August conditions.


It feels like Autumn has started already. In the blink of an eye summer slipped away. It’s sad, but luckily for us Autumn is a wonderful time. The trees have developed a slight yellowness and I I think my Autumn tree colour obsession from last year has reared its head again.


I just can’t stop taking pictures of trees.


These are on the way back to Cardiff town from Cardiff Bay. Long lines of trees which are tinged with yellow which seems to be spreading through it like the summer is slowly being sucked out of the green side.


Or this bush which just has the top couple of leaves which have turned red. It feels like it’s trying to digest what’s to come in manageable chunks.



The other thing that I have been trying to keep up and work on is my craft rotation. Last time I talked about feeling overwhelmed slightly by the amount of projects that there were. Firstly, I haven’t started anything new! Yaaay! Progress. After the birthday bunting was completed I set to work making my list of all outstanding projects. My, there are a lot of them. But I feel better knowing that they’re written down in list form. From my list I could decide which needed extra slots of time allocated to stay on track, which were time sensitive, which I could do while commuting, which I had to keep at home due to size and which ones I really wanted to do. Of course there were the ones that weren’t a priority, but they’re still on the list for a later date. So how did it go? Did I manage to stick to it?

Pretty much! The biggest spanner in the works was actually having to go out and do things. I’ve split my time chunks into portable projects that I can take on the train (or out and about) and things like Big G who need to stay put. But if I have to go out of an evening – which isn’t often, but it does sometimes happen – then my schedule is all off. I’ve managed to get round this slightly by being flexible with it and just moving certain things around to when suits me best.

I like that it’s forcing me to do things I’d usually put off. Like my shrug which I haven’t picked up since it became too big to take on the train with me. This really is my downfall. When things become unportable then they tend to get left behind.


The other things that’s been getting in the way is my socks and my urge to do nothing but knit them.


Last time I’d finished the heel turn and was putting off the gusset like nobody’s business, and not just because I hate the word gusset.


But look! Not only have I finished the gusset, but I’m nearly finished with the foot! I really need to stop being so afraid of doing things. Through the whole process I’ve put off difficult bits just from being a scaredy cat. But no more! Now it’s all learnt and understood. I can’t see me having a second sock problem. Any spare 5 minutes I have and this beauty comes out. I’m even doing some rows before bed every night to help me sleep. This does mean that I’m sock knitting when it’s not my day to sock knit. As long as something is getting done right?


My Menorcan Skies scarf is coming on in leaps and bounds also. I photographed it on the ‘wrong side’ so you can see where my join for the new yarn is. Of course ends just sitting there was like a flame and the little ‘un the moth.


I love how quick this one is. Quick and mindless. Which is sometimes just what you need.


I’ve also included my Christmas garlands in the rotation. So hopefully they’ll actually be done by the time we get the tree down! I remeasured, did some maths and worked out that I only have a few more little trees to make to get the length I want. Then it’s down to doing the ends, blocking then I can join, which I’m very happy to know will take hardly any time. Then I can work on the rest.. Will it ever end?!?


Apologies for the rubbish picture here. I completely forgot to take a picture of it in the light of day, so I’ve just had to take a hasty side light one. The border is nearly complete. Both sides have a row of DC in Walnut, then in Parchment. All that I need to do now is sew up an insert then join them together. I was wondering if I needed to add a decorative border after that? What d’you think?


All joined up until the end of July! Doing the rotation has helped me keep on track of doing my daily temperatures, but not joining them sadly! So much so that after two weeks I’ve decided to take them off rotation and try and do my one a day separate to everything else. This is of course until I get behind and have to put them back in again. Thank all the Gods for a flexible list.


It’s lovely to see how the colours change through it. Sadly I think we’ve seen our last red colour. We managed to get up to an orange 23 this week, but I think the decline is setting in. I wonder when our next blue will appear. Not for a couple of months I hope! At least if it does get colder soon I’ve got a warm blanket to keep myself toasty.

I hope you all enjoy what’s left of your summer!


Much love xx

15 thoughts on “August update

  1. Sounds like you have a plan that will help you keep all your projects moving forward. I’ve had to do that on occasion, especially when I get to parts of a project I’m not to keen on. It really does help me get over the hump or out of the rut when I have a list. Good luck with yours!


    1. I’m not sure why I’ve been moving along without a plan for so long if I’m honest. Not like me at all. But you’re right, a lot of it is perception. The bad bits are never as bad as you think they are. Thank god for lists eh?

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