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Time for an adventure I think – Glastonbury edition

Hello pawb!

I get these urges sometimes, to go on a little adventure. To not stare at the same four walls and feel like I’m not wasting my life commuting to work or sitting about rewatching Red Dwarf episodes. Don’t get me wrong, I love Red Dwarf, but I’ve been told there’s more to life. My last urge like this was in January, so I’m not doing too badly. We got very lucky with timing. It’s not very often that I get a weekend off and an ever rarer occurrence when Himself isn’t on call or we don’t have things to do or people to see. Definitely a golden opportunity for an adventure.

I didn’t care where we went. I was quite happy to stick a pin in a map and drive towards it. Or even just get in the car, start driving and get lost. Himself seems to like to know where hes going however, so I spent the week suggesting locations with no success. Finally he decided to throw in the suggestion of Glastonbury, and I jumped at the idea. Neither of us had ever been, it’s only an hour and 40 mins away, and it looked like there would be lots of occupy us and explore. Well done Himself.

We set out yesterday morning and it looked like even the weather would be on our side.

g1 - Copy - Copy

The traffic was not however. This was at a quiet moment, but anyone who lives in Britain can tell you what a nightmare the M5 southbound is on a Saturday in summer. The pull of Devon and Cornwall is overpowering for some. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to follow it all the way down and turned off to find our destination about an hour later than originally planned.

g2 - Copy - Copy

I had sensibly decided to bring my trusty c2c scarf with me, the perfect car journey project. It would have been a lot worse without it.

g3 - Copy - Copy

While it wasn’t Devon or Cornwall, it seems that everyone had had a similar idea, but we eventually found a car park underneath the Abbey.

*Side note – An hour over our target naturally meant full bladders, but someone was smiling down on us as there were actually public toilets in the car park! Possibly the snazziest public loos I’ve ever seen. They weren’t the cleanest, but everything was contained within one cubicle which was interesting. I sat down to do my business, when suddenly someone started talking to me! The voice was telling me to enjoy the facilities and that I had 15 minutes to do what I needed to do, or an alarm would go off to the powers that be. I’m a nervous toilet occupant at the best of times and she put me off what I’d gone in to do. Interesting touch though.*

We headed through one of the little side alleys and on to the main high street. Himself groaned with agony when I squealed with joy at a spotted a craft shop. Bless him. I had to go in didn’t I? It would be rude not to. I was delighted to find that they stocked Stylecraft and Regia plus heaps of beautiful fabric. I was determined to be good however and left empty handed.

g7 - Copy - Copy

Now when Himself suggested Glastonbury, I had a very clear image in my head. It consisted of craft and book shops, buying lots of incense and cake. Himself had other ideas. We were getting further and further up the hill away from the high street. I asked him where we were going. ‘To the Tor!’ he exclaimed.


Obviously going up the Tor needed to be done, but I was hoping lunch could be consumed first. He was having none of it.

The first thing that I can tell you is that the Tor sits on a deceptively steep hill. We wandered through hilly suburban streets until we got to the footpath at the bottom.

g9 - Copy - Copy

Look at how steep that is! And this is just the bottom. There was much groaning, swearing and demands for cake from me at this point. Himself assured me it would be worth it. I was dubious. If only I’d known, I could have brought better shoes and done some leg stretches at the bottom.

g10 - Copy - Copy

Just a short way from the bottom and I was already huffing and puffing. The views were starting to get good though. You can see the Abbey and how far we’d come.

g11 - Copy - Copy

The public footpath seemed to go through someones private farm land. We came across lots of wildlife on the way.

g13 - Copy - Copy

Hey Friend! They were very interested in all the passers by.

Finally we came to a flat section for a breather.

g14 - Copy - Copy

Look how far away we still were! I think I nearly turned back at this point. I wasn’t convinced it would be worth it. But on we plodded.

g15 - Copy - Copy

At this point we needed to make a decision. We could either take the steep quick side to the left, or the more gentle longer route to the right. We went for the steep side to go up, then come down the gentle way. We’re getting old now, we need to think of our knees.

g16 - Copy - Copy

You don’t say!

g17 - Copy - Copy

Ice cream van! We must be close!

g18 - Copy - Copy

Not nearly close enough!

g19 - Copy

These sheep have no interest in the view that surrounds them. Rude.

g20 - Copy

Getting closer..

g21 - Copy

Even closer.. I could have done with a sit down on that bench I can tell you..

g22 - Copy


g24 - Copy

We made it!

g23 - Copy

Not bad eh?

g26 - Copy

This is pretty standard of the pictures we take together. I would have like to have taken a nice picture of us with the view. But it was a tad windy.

g27 - Copy

See what I mean?


This gave you an idea of the areas you could see. And you certainly could see for miles in every direction.

g28 - Copy

g30 - Copy

g31 - Copy

These were the ones I managed to get without people in!

After battling with the crowds and trying to stay standing up in the wind, we thought it as time for a bit of a sit down to contemplate whether the trek had been worth it.

g29 - Copy

Yea.. I guess.

g32 - Copy

We were just about to leave when we realised that we hadn’t actually been inside the Tor yet. And what was there for us to see?

g33 - Copy

Not a great deal..

g34 - Copy

There was a bit of information.

g35 - Copy

But it was interesting to see the detail there. Considering its age, and the fact that it must get a battering from the elements, I’m surprised it’s still standing, let alone having lots of detailed stone work intact. Anyway, it was time to go.

g43 - Copy


g44 - Copy

Time for the long descent down. We definitely picked the right approach. I would advise everyone to take the steep route up, but the gentle route down. If we’d done it the other way, I’d have been tempted to go down on my bum to save from falling over.

g37 - Copy

As we started climbing down we saw heaps of Thistles. Look at the colours on them!

g38 - Copy

I’d never have thought to see them so far south, but the conditions were certainly right for them.

g45 - Copy

There was also a maze. I wish I could tell you the symbolism of this, but I really have no idea :/

g46 - Copy

At the bottom of the mound, we came across a tree with trinkets tied to it. Again, I don’t know the meaning of this either, so if anyone could fill me in that would be awesome. It was very nice to see though.

g47 - Copy

While it was the right way for us, the powers that be obviously catered for the other route and put the information at the bottom of the other path.

g48 - Copy

We headed back to the town in to take a look at the rest of the shops.

g4 - Copy - Copy

Unsurprisingly there was an abundance of new age shops. They all smelt amazing and at least one goal was achieved with Himself purchasing a years worth of incense. He’s used half of it already..

I’ve mentioned before that everything in our town is designed on castles and cheese. Glastonbury seems to be the same, but with the Tor.

g8 - Copy - Copy

There was a Tor pet shop, a Tor kebab house and a Tor estate agents.

g5 - Copy - Copy

There was even a mini Tor on a roundabout.

To my surprise, I’d bought nothing. That can’t be right can it. I was having this thought when we walked by the craft shop again. Himself raised any eyebrow at me when I stopped outside the window. “You don’t need any more wool!’ But it was too late, my foot was already through the door. I couldn’t leave without buying anything! I hadn’t even seen anywhere selling a Tor magnet!


So this is what I went for. They’ll be known as my Glastonbury socks, or possibly my guilty Glastonbury socks whenever Himself is around.

There was one thing that Glastonbury fell down on, and that was Food.

g49 - Copy

We really struggled to find somewhere to eat. Himself was after a pub lunch so we saw this and immediately went in. As a Sharpe loving couple we couldn’t pass it by. While it was lovely inside, there was no food to be had. We tried another 4 pubs after that and left hungry each time. They either didn’t do food, or were fully booked despite looking empty. We eventually found a chain pub on the outskirts as we were leaving, and even they were surprised that we hadn’t booked. It wouldn’t be a proper adventure if we’d booked!

I’ll tell you something though. They’re good at street art.

g6 - Copy - Copy

And my personal favourite..


I wholeheartedly concur.


Back at the Abbey and it was time to pack up and go home (with another visit to the talking loos).


This is my favourite part of any journey home. This is after the toll booths on the Severn bridge. You pay your money and then are let out like a greyhound in a race. No lanes and the opportunity to do 0 – 70 as fast as you like. It’s always exhilarating, especially when you know you’re speeding towards home.

We were also blessed with a lovely sky for the journey.


It felt like the sky was opening for us, but in a good way. Not in a raining so much it causes a flash flood way.


A pretty end to a wonderful adventure. After our adventures, we always say that we’ll do more of them. Of course life gets in the way and we usually always put them off with excuses of tiredness or chores. Hopefully this blog will remind me how great they are and to just get in the car and go. You really can make an adventure out of anything, I guess it’s all about how you perceive them.


Happy adventuring pawb!


Much love xx





































16 thoughts on “Time for an adventure I think – Glastonbury edition

  1. What a lovely day out. The ‘maze’ is actually a labyrinth designed to be walked meditatively. Very appropriate for Glastonbury I’m sure. Thanks for sharing your day.


  2. I think the trinkets in tree, is probably a rag tree(maybe named different locally) basically a type of wishing well, you ask for something from the gods/spirits etc and tie a piece of ribbon to the branch


  3. lovely story…just a few things – as a resident of Glastonbury. That wasn’t the abbey – it was st johns church – the abbey is mainly ruins and is found off Magdalene street. And the Tor is actually the whole hill. The tower at the top is all that remains of a church that fell down in the middle ages during an earthquake. Hope you come back again soon xxxx


    1. Hi Rachel. I’ve been notified of my mammoth mistake today. Apologies for any offence! Thanks for the info! How wonderful if had still been standing today. Also makes you wonder at the hard work involved in building on top of that hill!


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