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Summer loving

Hello lovely people! How are you all?

This is just a quick one to show you all my latest guilty purchase. Well, not quite my latest, see my Guilty Glastonbury socks for that. Not so guilty either seen as this was a birthday money purchase, rather than putting it on the credit card. I say birthday money.. All my birthday cash is of course still sitting in the card waiting to get paid in to the bank… I think I’ll stop there before I dig myself into this hole further!

Remember I mentioned about my Game of Thrones yarn box here? I do love a mystery yarn box. So I got very excited when the lovely lady behind For The Love Of Yarn brought out her summer survival box.

I think I just get caught up in the excitement of it all. I guess the ‘mystery’ element could mean it could go horribly wrong. It’s nice to know that having had them before, I can trust it’s going to be worth it. I really wasn’t disappointed..


Look at it all! It just makes me more obsessed if I’m completely honest. Lets start with the bits.


Well everyone needs something to drink out of don’t they?


Even the big un wants one.


She seems to like to include something that smells amazing. This candle smells sugary sweet and has made the yarn smell the same. I tried doing this with fruit tea bags back in my younger days, but it didn’t work at all. Luckily this does. A sunglasses button also seems quite appropriate for me. I’m never without mine. I even put mine in my bag this morning when I left for work, even though it was raining. You have to be optimistic don’t you? Good job I was, it’s glorious out there now!


And as always we have stitch markers. These went straight on to my sock for safekeeping. They work really well as I’m working on the summer pink section at the moment. I know now that every time I slip over the rainbow I need to move my stitch counter another notch. And yes I do sing Judy Garland every time.


Now lets look at the yarn..


This skein seriously screams at you. Which isn’t a bad thing for yarn to do. It’s the kind of colour I’d never dream of buying for myself, but it’s growing on me more and more every time I look at it. All the packs come with a pattern so may use this one from the cowl suggested.


I LOVE this one. It’s bright but subtle at the same time. If you delve deeper into the skein there are more colour surprises waiting for you.


Look at the blues in there.


And look at the colour change there. I’m tempted to ask her for just this colourway. All I can tell you is that it reminds me of mermaids. Mermaid socks would be awesome.

Anyway, if anyone is reading this and interested in buying me a present, I’d really like some of this please 🙂

While I can get away with buying these with birthday money, the advent gift box is calling to me and there’d be no way of excusing it away. What d’you think? Should I try it? Will I have so much to do at Christmas time that I won’t even have time to open it? Maybe. I’ll try to be good.

I’ll be sitting on my hands and getting Himself to hide my credit card until next time!


Much love xx

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