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Every celebration needs bunting

So the year of what feels like continuous 30th birthday celebrations continues.

This time is for our friend Hattie. Favourite Mamma and I met Hat by chance when we were 15ish at a gig in Porth skate park. Of all places! We were milling around, not really knowing anyone, when suddenly this girl bounded over to us and asked if we were going to dance. Of course we said yes! Dancing dutifully done, we then walked to the nearest shop to get snacks. We’ve been friends ever since. Half our lives at this point! We’ve all lasted through major life events, celebrated good times, consoled in the bad,  and still kept in touch even with time, distance and life getting in the way.

Despite all this, I still struggled to work out what I should make for her! It needed to be something small enough that I could post, preferably something quick to make but also obviously be suitable for her. Hattie is one of those people who are constantly full of life. Every time I see her I feel as if joy is constantly pouring out of her. (Apart from one recent drunken evening where she picked up a sprained ankle from a fall. There was a little less joy after that.) While the rest of us have been feeling bummed about the idea of becoming officially adults, I know Hat would see it as it was and use it as an opportunity to celebrate, see loved ones and generally have a good time. So when The Mother suggested bunting I jumped on the idea! (Thanks Mam, I owe you again.)

I was never really brought up with bunting in my life, so it’s a bit of a foreign object to me. That being said, I love the stuff. I’ve ventured into making Christmas garlands before, but I’d completely forgotten how much I loved the making of it. After all the research and making, I’m definitely looking into making some for myself!

Anyway, bunting always seemed to be the things you brought out at celebrations. It reminds me of summer and street parties. The idea certainly fitted in with what I wanted achieve. Every party should have decorations. But after all the research I came to the conclusion (which is no doubt already common knowledge to everyone else) that bunting isn’t just for birthdays. Or celebrations. Or Christmas. Bunting is for life. I hope I made the right choice and chose the best ones A, for Hat B, for the celebration at hand but C, that can be used all year round to spread a bit more Hattie joy.

I settled on 4 designs in the end, all quite different from one another. Luckily, I’ve got enough  Stylecraft DK lying around that everything came from the stash. By the time I’d decided, I had just 2 weeks to get everything made, finished, blocked and joined before I had to get it in the post. Of course this meant that everything else got slightly abandoned, Big G especially. But I think it was worth it. What d’you think? With the limited time firmly lodged in your mind, please accept my apology for the less than worthy pictures. In the end it came down to one morning where I could take them. The original plan was to string therm all up on the washing line, but of course I was blessed with rain instead. Nothing but wind and storms for the entire week. Law of the universe strikes again..

Let’s start with some cake shall we..


Pattern: Here

Colours: Cream, Tomato, Gold, Mocha, Duck Egg, Wisteria, Aster, Apricot and Sage

Number of motifs: 8


While every birthday needs bunting, cake is more important. Only slightly though. These were fun and quick to do. I would have to say that these are the least favourite to create however. I just loved doing the others more. The pattern called for yarn cherries to be made, but I settled for buttons from my local market. They give the cupcakes a bit more weight, with no need of fiddly stuffing of tiny cherries. I wondered long and hard about colours for all the bunting, but probably spent the longest on these. I knew I wanted each one a different colour, but it was getting them all to match together while being solid enough to stand out against the frosting.



Pattern: Here

Colours: Aster, Storm Blue, Sage, Lime, Mustard and Tomato

Number of motifs: 13


I actually came by this pattern through a strange route. I first saw it through Patchwork Heart but it’s actually a design from Attys. I absolutely adore her patterns. They all look so intricate and clever, but in reality are super easy. This one was no different and gave a really effective look.


Since making these, Attic24 has been sharing them too for the Yarndale creative hearts project I again pondered long and hard about these colours, but thought seen as I’d found it through The Patchwork Heart, I should use her signature colours. This was encouraged by the fact I still had lots of yarn left over from the ATR blanket. I love showing as much as I can of a colour spectrum, so what better way to do it than with heart bunting.


God I love these ones..

b3 - Copy

Pattern: Here

Colours: Meadow, Duck Egg, Stone, Apricot and Silver

Number of motifs: 15


So I’ve seen this pattern everywhere, but that is where I originally found it. It may link to another site, but it’s not in English so I can’t elaborate. I only needed to follow the chart anyway. A testament to how easy something is if ever there was one. I LOVED doing these. So much so I want some for my house. They’re so pretty. I could have gone on making these until the end of time, but I had to stop myself at 15. Pretty and lacey, but robust too. If that makes any sense. I can imagine these hanging in a window. Or from a shelf. Who am I kidding? I would put these everywhere. And may still do.


I’m proud of the colours too. No thought required here, they just came together by themself. Very nice of them. The pattern is originally meant to be a coaster I think, but they were screaming out to me to be made into bunting. I could look at them all day. Maybe I should make some for my desk in work..


And last but not least..


Pattern: Here

Colours: Tomato, Sherbet, Apricot, Saffron, Aster, Camel, Wisteria, Lime, Spice, Kelly Green

Number of motifs: 10


Ah the classic triangle bunting. It needed to be done. I’ll be honest and tell you I looked at a lot of triangle bunting before eventually deciding on the most simple one. There were lots of fancy patterns out there, but I felt I had a included heaps of fancy with the other ones. Sometimes simple is best. I decided on random rainbow colours for these ones to try and give a party feel. I hope it worked!


So everything made, I got my blocking boards out and set to work. I always find this takes forever. Especially when you run out of pins! Definitely need in invest in more pins and boards.


At this stage I was starting to get a bit panicky about my deadline, but amazingly, joining took no time at all. Another reason to add to my love with this project. Finished results in double quick time.


As you’ve probably guess, I adored this project. It was wonderful to be able to work on small motifs while having a quick turn around time and effective results. If you haven’t already, go and make yourself some bunting and spread the joy a little bit.


Much love xx

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