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Remembering to celebrate the small things – Half a finish

I’m always trying to remember to celebrate the small things. It’s so easy to get caught up in life and only focus on the big events. Favourite Mum taught me this philosophy a long time ago. It’s all well and good focussing on big things when there are lots of big things going on, but when there’s not, things can feel a bit empty. Unless of course you can focus on the little things. Something as simple as a new pair of shoes, seeing an old friend, or in this case, half a finish.


So yes, I know this isn’t a proper finish, but I’m celebrating anyway! My first sock is finished!


It’s been a long time in the making this one, but it’s sped up tremendously at the end. Apart from the times when I’ve been putting it off, I’ve loved doing this, forsaking all other WIPs to get it done. I’ve found that it’s had a relaxing quality (again, apart from the bits I’ve put off) on me. I mentioned in my last update that I’ve been doing some before I go to bed to help clear my head. Just what I need. It’s also a very good standing up on the train project, especially when I use my Bellica Yarns bag from Wonderwool. Plus I have been tempted to get violent with my sharp short circulars with people who don’t understand personal space. There’s always one, and they’re usually always standing next to me.


There are so many new things I’ve learnt while making this sock. Using circular needles for a start! Remember the hideous knitting-them-inside-out incident? At least I won’t be making that mistake again. Going hand in hand with this is using DPNs. I thought I could get away with this using a circular, but no. I had to face it. But I’ve learnt, I’ve grown, I understand. Progress. There was then of course the heel and gusset once I finally got round to them, and then the toes. They all seemed daunting beforehand, but big girl pants were retrieved and I got on with it. And now it doesn’t seem half as bad. Another good tip to remember!

It hasn’t all been plain sailing. They are not perfect. Take a look at these gappy bits.


There’s holes at the top of my gusset. A common problem I’m led to believe. I can’t work out whether this is because I left it too long before I started the gusset (stop saying gusset!), so it stretched a bit, or because I should have picked up an extra stitch (another new thing for me) in the hole. It’s all trial and error I guess. I know what to do for next time.


Also my Kitchener stitch didn’t go quite to plan. The end bit is alright, but I have no idea what I was doing to start with. Never mind. I’ll see how it goes with the next one. Surely that’s the beauty with socks right?  You can make the second one better? (Or should you repeat the mistakes on the first one so at least they’re the same?)

The main thing is that they fit! I was so worried that they wouldn’t, but it fits like, well, a sock. I’ve got huge sizes 8s with wide feet to boot, so I opted for a 72 cast on. At first I worried they would be too big, then too small. But they fit just right. Glad I managed to get one thing right straight away.

The question now is will I succumb to second sock syndrome?


No. Definitely not.

The second of the pair is well on its way. I’ve enjoyed it so much and found it so beneficial to my general calmness, I can see myself always having a pair on the go. After these ones, I’m planning on doing two at the same time, just to cement my new found knowledge so that it’s stuck in there good and proper.

I’ll keep you posted as soon as I’ve got a full 100% pair to show you, but for the moment, I’m off to wear my single sock with pride!



Much love xx

4 thoughts on “Remembering to celebrate the small things – Half a finish

    1. Oh I know! Such a fool! All a learning curve I guess. I can’t wait to have both feet warm at the same time! I keep putting it on to admire it, but then the other one is left chilly. It wont be long, I’m flying through.


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