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SAL Update No 27 

It’s time for another SAL post! How are you all? Managed to get anything done in this heat?

I’m pleased to say that I’ve done some stuff! It might be invisible stuff, but it’s definitely pat on the back time for me.

Here’s where I was last time..


Here’s where I am now.


I’ve continued to work on the large ribbon section and am thrilled to say that we have significantly fewer holes!

Here’s a before pic

And here’s an after


The biggest section is pretty much hole free with only a few to go on the ruffles.


It’s wonderful how the ruffles are getting definition now. You can see what it’s actually meant to look like. Not just stitching blindly in hope. I think this is part of the reason, but I’ve actually been enjoying doing the confetti. Shock horror! I’m sure I’ll get over this eventually, but it’s been fairly enjoyable.

There is another reason why I’ve been enjoying this so much..


WimbleStitch 2018

I’ve been living the dream my friends.

Every day coming home from work, out in my cool garden with stitching and Tennis. Only to be improved with Strawberries and cream, a cider and maybe a topless man fanning me with a frond. Maybe this would be one too many stimuli however?

Anyway, while I sit here talking to you guys, I’m missing good garden stitching time. I’m moving you down the line to the other projects being updated today. You can get your fill from them. Special mention and welcome back to Catherine. Welcome back! It’s wonderful to see you and your posts!



CindyHelenLindaMary MargaretHeidiJackie,


As usual, we run on a 3 week update, so we’ll see you back on the 29th where hopefully I’ll be completely hole free!

Much love xx

14 thoughts on “SAL Update No 27 

  1. I do like the sound of your current stitching set up! Dreamy stitching indeed 😊 It’s obviously working, as you’ve made great progress. Confetti stitching is coming together!


  2. Very nice work! It’s always exciting to see the details come through while working on something as detailed as this.


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