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Once Upon A Sock – July 2018 


Hello Pawb! How are you all doing? I hope you haven’t melted in the heat wave that seems to be sweeping not just the UK, but the entire globe. It’s been so hot, but I’m pleased to say that I’ve managed to keep the sunburn away while welcoming a nice tan in. The law of the universe however means that the day I wanted to take pictures, it rains. I should have known.

So I’m here today to update you on my sock progress. More specifically, my Mermaid socks. Last time we spoke I mentioned that I had a long bus ride that I was getting very excited about.

Did I finish them? Of course not. How silly to even attempt it. I never manage to get as far as I’d like. I did manage some good progress however.


I’ve just finished the gusset and have moved on to the foot. Good. I need some easy stuff in this heat.

I’m going to be honest, my pattern seems to be lost slightly. To my eyes it looks very messy and just all over the shop. I even tried it on my blockers to see if this would help it at all.


Then I remembered that my blockers are pretty useless as they’re slightly too small for my clown size 8s. Someone remind me to remedy this. Anyway, there is a pattern there I promise. I’m crossing everything I own that it’ll come up well once blocked, washed and worn. I’d appreciate your crossed appendages too.


The other thing that has been decided since last time was to add a reinforced heel, sole and toe. I always want to improve things, and obviously myself, so I thought I’d set myself the challenge. So far so good! I love the pattern that this gives. It feels slightly tight as I’m knitting it, but again, everything crossed for a decent fit. It did of course require huge amounts of concentration on the gusset. With decreases, carrying on the pattern and the reinforced bottom, things took a bit longer than usual. I’m hoping this will pay off with my socks lasting longer than usual.

So we were all dreadfully excited last time by Kats Helical Socks. It was lovely to see pretty much everyone getting involved in this pattern in one way or another.

With this in mind, I have a question for you. A survey if you will. Which yarn should I use to make mine?

We’ve got 2 options. Both found at Wonderwool and bought specifically for this purpose.


First we have one of my favorites. Ainsworth & Prin classic sock in Mordor and Miss Maggie. This continues the blue/orange love, but with a twist.



Secondly, we have something new to me. Its Fivemoons Luna plus. Now you can see we have three colourways, Denim, Glacial Melt Not and my favourite, Tears of a Spaceman. Now if it is to be this, which two should I use? I bought them thinking they would all go together pretty well, but I think I’ll struggle to make the decision.


Now, let’s be honest here. They will all become helical socks eventually. The question is which to do first. I’d love some feedback and colour advice. Hopefully the pictures aren’t too dingy for you to see properly. Comment below, send me a message or just shout it into the wind. I’m sure I’ll hear you.

Enough tomfoolery. Wait, I don’t mean that. There’s always room for more tomfoolery. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that you should go and look at the other socks on the go in this group. Some will be helical if I’ve sparked your interest. Head over to Paulas blog here, or go direct here.

Thanks as always for reading, advice and help and general friendly words. Where would a girl be without her sock-a-longers.

Much love xx

19 thoughts on “Once Upon A Sock – July 2018 

  1. I think I’d want more of a contrast. So the first option or Denim and Glacial Not Melt….I love Tears of a Spaceman too and think it would look great with Denim…too close in color to Glacial Not Melt…


  2. I love your first color set! And I also love your Mermaid socks. I can see the pattern…maybe you’re not seeing it that well because you’re working on them? LOL about the sock blockers. I have every set and I’ve only used the large ones so far 😀


    1. They are beautiful. Too beautiful to knit with maybe.. nah! Glad you can see it. It’s all trial and error I guess. They’re meant to work for size 8s! Pesky blockers. Time to invest in a size up I think.


  3. Ahhh, I love everything about this post! I’m so happy you’re going to knit the helical socks next, and that you’re using the sock swap yarn for your current pair. I think they look fab and I can totally see the pattern (and they will also block beautifully I think).


    1. Of course! I’ve been dreaming about them ever since I first saw them. I’m sorry to say but you’re the reason for many bought skeins destined to be helical socks. A huge thank you on that note! Glad the pattern is visible. I was panicking slightly. Can’t wait for an on the foot picture. Maybe by the sea. It’s an excuse to go to the beach right?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think either would look ace (strong contrast or subtler shades both look brilliant). Personally I can never resist shades of blue so that would slightly be my preference, but any of those combos would be gorgeous.


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