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SAL Update No 26 

Hello you lovely lot! How are you all? 

Well I’m going to have to be honest and admit that all week long I’ve been preparing to give you all a ‘no show’ today. A ‘no progress’. A ‘leave me alone to think about what I’ve done’. 

Luckily, I managed to get a minute amount done yesterday. So here we go.  

Here’s where I was last time.. 


Here’s where I am now. 


Not a great deal is it. I panicked and decided that I would need to do something visible, so I worked on getting some of my stars completed.  


Of course, I managed to cut some of those stars out in the last post, but they are there. Two mini ones at the top. Once again, I always wonder how well the stars will show up as they become invisible when I stitch them, but looking at the pictures always reassures me.  

I think it’s time for me to move you on to see the other posts now while I blend into the background, slap my wrists and try to find the elusive time monster to give him a stern talking to. Off you go.. 



CindyHelenLindaMary MargaretHeidiJackie,

SunnyHayley, Tony, Megan, Timothy

Our next update is on the 8th of July, so we’ll see back here then! 


Much love xx 


23 thoughts on “SAL Update No 26 

  1. lol I’m sorry but I can’t see any difference since last time but that must be my old eyes ^^
    I hope you feel more motivated to put a few more stitches in for next time.


  2. While the stars are grey on grey, I think it gives a nice subtle effect when you step back and see the whole project. How many shades of grey in a single star?


  3. Every stitch counts. I always remind myself that it is not a race and to enjoy the journey. It will be done eventually and you will have enjoyed the journey.


  4. Hey, go easy on yourself. This is supposed to be for fun, and I’ve made less visible progress in the past. The stars were an easy spot, so we can see you’ve made time to do a bit of work on it 🙂


  5. Yep, I can see the stars too. Life takes over sometimes but eventually we get a chunk of time when we can stitch and then it’s bliss 🙂 I’m still hooked on sock knitting by the way. You’ve started something hehe.


  6. Nice save! I appreciate your stamina for taking a progress photo. Remember my “just imagine the border a little more done.” You do not want to walk down this slacker path I have opened for the group. LOL


  7. I’ve had a similar problem for this update. Life gets hectic sometimes. Still, you’ve definitely done something and it must feel good to have finished those stars 🙂


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