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SAL Update No 28 

Hello all you lovely stitchers! 

I’m sorry to say there’ll be very little progress from me this time. We’ve had a stressful couple of weeks here. I’m sure I’ll fill you in more later, but I can give you picture evidence of one of the latest dramas.. 


This was the view from my front door on Thursday. I lost 3 hours sorting this out when I should have been stitching. We’re all ok by the way, and the house is still standing, but 3 hours is a lot of time to loose. 

Anyway. To the matter at hand. 

Here’s where I was last time.. 


Here’s where I am now.  


I’ve filled in a couple of the bigger areas and some shading on the ribbon area, but it’s probably be going to be on the invisible stitching spectrum I’m afraid. Here’s a before and after pic for you.  



I’ll pass you straight on to the others who have no doubt got their act together! 



Mary MargaretHeidiJackieSunnyHayleyTonyMegan,

TimothyCatherine, Deborah

Next update is on the 19th August, where hopefully I can report a bit more progress. Keep your fingers crossed for less drama!  


Much love xx 


27 thoughts on “SAL Update No 28 

  1. Glad to hear your ok! Anything car related stress me out so I can understand that being your current focus. A little progress will help in the long run.


      1. Oh no! We live on a winding road and it’s our worst fear that someone will drive into our home! It has happened to someone in our neighborhood too. You might want to install some bollards or large landscaping boulders.


      2. Well we had something like that too a couple of months ago! I remember saying at the time, that’s why we live in the middle of a terrace. We won’t get driven into. How wrong I was! We’ve got a big lip between the pavement and the road, but it still got over it!


  2. Sorry you’re having some drama in your life at the moment. That isn’t the view that you want from your front door. Hope you get less drama and more stitching time from now on.


  3. It’s good to hear you’re ok. Also, you laughed at disaster in the face and got some stitching done. That’s always a good thing!


  4. Now that really is a proper excuse! I hope you were able to escape via the back door. And you know what, I could see where you’d been stitching straight away 🙂


    1. And this was at the end of a stressful week! We could have if we needed to, but I must admit I was rooted to the spot! Yaaay for seeing the stitching. There was a large chunk of black at the bottom which always shows a bit better.


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