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The ATR project reveal

Hello lovely people!

I’m so excited to be finally able to show you the finished ATR project! Glad too that I have one less thing to hide. Here it is..


Lets start with the facts.

This is a recreation of The Patchwork Hearts rainbow blanket. I’ve been wanting to test this one out for a long time. I looked around at other ideas, but always kept coming back to this one. The ATRs haven’t found out if they’re having a boy or a girl, but instead of going for neutrals like last time, I decided to go for all of the colours!


It’s worked in Stylecraft DK, obviously. Heather from The Patchwork Heart has come up with the ultimate rainbow colours. They blend from one to the next so well. They’re actually a lot more subtle in real life. My pictures don’t do it justice. She’s picked the colours that all have a shimmery tone to them. It’s very hard to explain, but they all look a bit pearlescent to me.


I’ve been working on this one for a long time, but in an on and off fashion. We first heard the news in January so I started preparations then. I had a bit of a dilemma on whether I should use cream or parchment for the middle colour. I did some testers.


Looking back at these now, I think I still prefer cream, but glad I went with the (advised) parchment. It works better for the colours down the line and hopefully won’t look as grubby when it finally gets used for baby ATR. I worked a couple of rounds, but then had a long stop. I can’t remember why, but I’ve got a feeling other projects got in the way.

Time went on and I managed to pick it up and do a couple of rounds when I could. I started to panic around May when I realised that Mrs ATR was growing more and more and we’d be on holiday for a long while at the time when I should be finishing it. I gave myself the deadline of the holiday to get it mostly done.


And mostly done it was! I got to the end of the 15 colours and then assessed. I wasn’t happy with it. It was too small. You know how I feel about making things bigger. I’ve never had to actually use a baby blanket myself, so I’m never sure on sizes. My constant thought though is that I’d like it to be used for as long as possible, especially if I’ve spent a long time on it. If it’s bigger it can go on being used way after the baby isn’t a baby anymore. I might be wrong…

Anyway, lots of deliberations ensued. Should I do another complete round of colours? That would be too big, even I could see that. Should I add extras around the edge? Or a very chunky border? I felt that all of the options would take away from the gradual subtleness of the blanket.


In the end, I decided to continue the colours, but not all of them. I stopped at the yellow colour so as not to finish on a blue, pink or anything close. I’m so very glad I did. It gives it that wonderful shimeryness and leaves it feeling open and light. I wouldn’t have had that if I’d stopped on a stronger colour.


I then needed a border. I decided long ago that it just needed a simple border. Let the blanket itself do all the wow work. I feel like I’ve done shell edging to death so I was in the market for something new. Again, lots of options were looked at, but I landed on the suggested border which is perfect for it. (Must remember that the designer knows best in future!) It’s very simple and easy, but gives it a dainty feel without actually being dainty.



It even looks lovely when it’s all messy.


Then it was down to ends and washing. Not my favourite job. I have to thank The Mother at this point. My bathroom facilities are still all broken, so I needed to use their bath. She very kindly was my chief shower head holder while I squidged about. Would have been much more difficult without the help!


It was wonderful to work on. Every new round changed it. I kept thinking I had the feel of it, then I’d add another colour and it would change completely. Every round was a surprise. I love it. I love it so much I didn’t want to give it away. I did tentatively ask Himself if he would like a big one for us. Very sensibly he said yes, but could I finish the other projects first. Maybe he’s right.

I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to give it away..


It was a hot day and he didn’t want to move. I thought I might be able to lay it down with enough room so as not to bother him. But as soon as I did he was clutching and not letting go. Very possessive. A very careful declawing ensued. It’s nice to have the kitten stamp of approval though.


You’ll be pleased to know that I did actually give it away instead of keep it for myself. I hope the ATRs get a lot of use and joy from it. Baby ATR is due any day now, so we’re all on tenterhooks waiting for news. I hope you’ll all join me in wishing these lovely people all the best for what will be a challenging but joyous time. I’ll keep you posted with the news.


Much love xx

20 thoughts on “The ATR project reveal

  1. The blanket is absolutely beautiful and I hope Mrs ATR has an easy delivery and enjoys wrapping up baby in its new blanket. Nicola


  2. I love this 😍! I too have had Heathers rainbow colour palette in mind for a future project. Seeing this has just made me want to start right now! Good luck to the parents to be, I’m sure your beautiful blanket will get lots of use for many years to come. My 3 year old still loves his blanket I made when I learnt to crochet a few years ago. Xx


    1. Do it! Start it now! It really was a joy to do. She has got a 20 colour pack too I think? Have you seen it? I wish I’d seen it before I’d started. Never mind. It’s an excuse to start another one isn’t it? Thanks very good to hear!

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