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All of the anticipation


12 thoughts on “All of the anticipation

  1. I’ve just watched GoT. Brilliant, especially the opening scene.

    One of my cats loves Wimbledon. He sits there for ages watching the balls go back and forth.


  2. I’m another huge GoT fan!! Love it!! Jamie Lannnister is my secret crush – don’t tell my DH 😉 Coveting your GoT goodie bag!!

    Your top yarn reminds me of rhubarb and custard sweeties I used to buy by the quarter 🙂


    1. He is lovely to look at. Also he’s had quite a nice character arc so hes not such a baddie now.

      It reminds me of rhubarb and custard too! I think of them every time I see it. Go have a look at her shop, she’ll undoubtedly have more, also lots more to tempt you. She’s at lots of shows this year too I believe. Defintely worth following.

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  3. I also love Wimbledon. Having the tennis on in the background just sounds like summer to me!

    As for game of thrones, I’m back to being terrified of looking anywhere online as I’m waiting for the books and there are spoilers everywhere! I’m quite proud of myself for avoiding spoilers last season but I’m thinking I probably won’t be so lucky two years in a row!!
    The got mystery box looks lovely though!


    1. You’re completely right, it does sound like summer. It just reminds me of so many things.

      Ooh you are good! That must be really hard. Especially as they keep pushing the books back. I’ll have to remember to censor my posts from now on!


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