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SAL Update No 18

So opening up WordPress this morning feels a tad alien after three weeks to the day of opening it last time. Three weeks! And how long before that?!? How strange that it now feels so strange. Anyway, work has still not let up. Combine that with Christmas, a broken internet connection and my house deciding it wants an inside water feature, I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting you all and of course this space. Rest assured that lots of posts are going on in the background. Of course they have to be changed and rewritten when I don’t get them finished in time, but they’ll get there eventually. Sigh.

Anyway, have I been neglecting Big G too? Here’s where I was last time..


Here’s where I am now.


So yes and no. I believe in complete honesty, so I can tell you all that I only picked her up after Christmas day. Luckily my brain was feeling a bit more alive than usual, not up to regular standards you understand, not up to banner time, but certainly up for working out some more border.


And I unearthed another star! Seems appropriate for the season no?

Again, this is probably the farthest along this way I can get to without making it complicated with the excess fabric. A new star seems like a good place to stop.

As always, go and have a look at the other projects on offer in  this SAL and wish them a happy New Year.  I know it’s what I’ll be doing. It’ll be a welcome distraction, instead of watching it rain indoors!

Our next update is on 21st January, so for now, have a wonderful New Years eve, and may that joy continue into the whole of 2018!


Much love xx


26 thoughts on “SAL Update No 18

  1. Indoor water feature, OH NO! I’m amazed you got a single stitch done, so this is really quite an accomplishment. Hoping that busy season at work is soon over, and that you no longer feel you are living in the ark!


  2. Sounds like life has been eventful lately. I can sympathise with the indoor water feature as we had one a few years ago. It’s never what you expect LOL
    Good progress on big G. I do love this project.


  3. Sorry to hear about the indoor water feature. Hope it was not a large fix. You did make some progress and that’s what counts.


    1. Me too!! I think we’ve given up on this house now. It’s like a naughty kitten that destroys everything. Eventually you just give up caring and realise that you can’t have nice things any more. Never mind, there will be other more sensible houses I’m sure. Hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday break, full of chocolate, roast potatoes and laziness!


  4. Yikes! I hope the beginning of the new year is easier on you than the tail end of the old year seems to have been. Kudos for getting any stitching at all done!


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