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SAL Update No 17

So this will be my first SAL update while it’s snowing outside. Actual snow! Sorry I’m getting excited. Anyway..

Here’s where I was last time..


Here’s where I am now.


Regular readers might notice my absence from the blogging universe recently. I’m currently constructing my excuses for the next blog, but I’ll give you the short story.

Work has gone absolutely crazy. And I didn’t think I could tell short stories!

So after the last post, I’ve been knuckling down at my place of employment with just enough time for sleep, but not much else. I had my first day off in weeks on Tuesday, and it felt like I’d awoken from a fog. My head, which had been buried in the ground, was now up, eyes wide open and looking about the place. Time to look at Big G.

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t face the confetti stitches. My brain wasn’t equipped. So I made a decision. I would concentrate on another area until my mental health returned.


Oh sweet background. How I’ve missed you.  Not a lot completed you’ll see, it was only one day off after all (and a lengthy nap was also required), but i think i would have been bringing you nothing if i hadn’t have made that decision. Better to do something rather than nothing right?

The work situation doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down soon, so I think my goal of getting this banner finished before the new year is out of the window and into the snow, but I’ll keep plodding and see how I get on.

While you’re waiting to see whether I’ll ever finish Big G, go and see some of the other amazing projects in this SAL.

The next update will be on the 31st! So in the meantime, Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful time!

I’m off out to see whether this blizzard means I have an unexpected extra day off, or whether I have to brave the trains!

Much love xx


32 thoughts on “SAL Update No 17

  1. Oh dear, it is so difficult when what you have to do (work) gets in the way of what you want to do (play). Unfortunately that’s life as they say and at least you had a little play and made some progress. I hope things slow down for you after Christmas.


  2. I’m sorry to hear work has been so intense. That is never a good thing. I hope after Christmas things can return to normal. Well done on stitching on your only day off. I think I would have been tempted to sleep all day!
    Oh, and I was so giddy when I woke up to snow falling today – you are not alone!


    1. I hope so too. Although I’m sure something else will crop up. 🙂 oh a nap had to happen. If I could nap everyday I would. Straight after lunch. Would not mind adding that to my routine.

      Giddy is exactly the word! All done now though I think. Just very cold tomorrow! Time for pjs under my work clothes to keep me warm. But that just makes me want to sleep more..

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  3. I’ve been there with the intensive work situation when I’ve felt like all I do in my life is sleep and work. whatever happens you really must look after yourself. I hope you get some reward of holiday over the Christmas period at least. The stitching can wait…


    1. That’s very true. Currently caught between making hay and realising that I’m too old to be working 6 weeks straight. I should get 4 whole days (!) over new year, and I’ve already told my boss that I’m having a week off in January whether he likes it or not! Also that he needs to supply us with danishes or similar..

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  4. Isn’t is a shame you have to work for a living? I hope you got that snow day – everyone needs one once in a while. I hope the rest of your holiday season is more enjoyable, and that you get to stitch when you want to!


  5. Hope you get some relief at work soon. As for snow you can send it my way. We are surprisingly for us devoid of snow right now. I know I shouldn’t have said that as the weather gods don’t like it when we complain so I’m sure we will be buried soon.
    You at least made some progress. Backgrounds are wonderful when you can’t cope with confetti.


    1. I’m delighted to tell you that I had an unexpected day off! Luckily for me they were all over the shop, and they could manage without the extra body. It’s been non stop Christmas films. Marvellous (said in the voice of Bing Crosby) day.

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