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Once Upon A Sock – December 2018

Hello you lovely lot, how are you all?

So I firstly need to offer my apologies for not one, but two updates missed! Looking at my files, the October post was ready and waiting to go. Goodness knows why I didn’t get around to uploading it.

It’s not only my blog mojo that’s suffering at the moment. My craft mojo has taken a serious hit, which has only just started to recover. And if I’m being honest, it’s only recovered because I’m so behind on my one Christmas make for this year. But anyway, more on that later. Let’s get you up to date on my helicals..

My goodness, they are lovely, even if I do say so myself…


Yet again I had huge ambition to be further along with these. I talk a good game, but seem to be unable to deliver.

I have started my heel flaps however, so there is definite progress.


I had to try and gauge where I wanted the leg to end. It seems to be the sort of pattern that would benefit from a longer leg, but I’ve got jutty out calves to contend with. These things need to be considered. I’ve kept them to just below the troublesome calves, with a hope that this might mean I can get another pair out of the yarn.

Please cross your fingers and toes.

But for now, I’ve had to put these to one side to focus on my single Christmas make.


Maybe I’ve dilly dallied because they’re not for me?


Anyway, this is hopefully going to be Himselfs first pair from me. I finally managed to persuade him to accept some socks from me (weirdo) for Christmas. He of course wanted actual Christmas socks.

Me; ‘You know you can wear these socks all year? Not just for Christmas day?’

Himself: ‘Meh, we’ll see.

Sometimes I don’t understand him. In fairness, he’s been known to wear Christmas socks, pants and even jumpers all year through, so I probably shouldn’t be worried. He’d keep the tree up all year if he could. Apparently we need to think about value for money..


Anyway, this yarn is from Joy To The Wool Co and was handpicked by Himself. After being uninterested in having a pair, he was very picky about what he wanted. Red, Green, Christmassy. That was my brief. Of course a lot was discarded as being not red enough or not festive enough. Sigh. Finally (!) we came to these and I bought it before he changed his mind.

They’ll have red toes and cuffs, and I manage to persuade him to have green heels. He wanted red, of course, but I’m not sure I’ve got enough red to go round. I’ve got 40g of plain red, what d’you think?


Usually I like to present my wares in a unified state, but I can’t even get him to look at them at the moment to see what he thinks. I thought I’d pin him down and make him have an opinion on how long he wanted them. From there I know what I’ll know what I’m doing. Wish me luck! There’s a long way to go. I may have to kitchener on Christmas Eve.


Anyway, enough from me. Head over and see the other stupendous socks on display today.

Head to Paulas blog, or go direct here.

I cant believe this is the last one of the year! The next update is on 3rd January, where hopefully I’ll be able to give you a picture of Himself and his festive feet!


Much love xx


6 thoughts on “Once Upon A Sock – December 2018

  1. Woo hoo! So glad you are back and I love both pairs of your socks! I wish my hubby would let me make him a pair…maybe I’ll do it one day and just surprise him. He does seem to love his hats though 🙂 I love the Christmas sock colors and definitely agree with a green heel.


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