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SAL Update No 33   

Hello you lovely lot! How are you all? 

Time for another SAL update and hopefully some visible progress for you today. 

Here’s where I was last time.. 


Here’s where I am now.  


Can you see it? No? Let me give you some close ups.  

This was last time. 


This is now.  


The wing has come on in leaps and bounds with only a small amount of gap filing to be done.  

I’ve tried to take pictures so I can show you how many colours go in to this section, but my efforts never live up to the real thing. Try with this light.  


Still difficult to see isn’t it. Anyway, it’s taken a long time!  

Hopefully I can get this finished by next time and then move on to heart banner, which I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.  

Time to pass you on to the other amazing projects in this SAL. Make sure to go and have a look at them all today.  




DeborahConnie Clare

The next update is on 2nd of December, so we’ll see you then!  


Much love xx


17 thoughts on “SAL Update No 33   

  1. I like playing ‘spot the difference’ before I scroll down to where you tell us. It’s always fun to find a solid bit of progress. Filling in the confetti spots is necessary, but not so much fun…


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