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Once Upon A Sock – September 18 


Hello you lovely people! I trust everyone is happy and well? Please allow me to share with you a snippet of happiness today..

I have a finish!


I know my sock making is getting faster, but it feels like I’ve been working on these a long time.


I’m proud to present my Mermaid socks.


Now I’m not ashamed to tell you that I haven’t been sure about these ones. The pattern didn’t seem to be coming through and looked quite messy. Should I have used a plainer pattern for the yarn? Now that they’re over I can admit that I didn’t really enjoy this pattern, which makes me sad, but there it is. I nearly gave up on them a few times, but you all persuaded me that it would be worth it at the end. Well dear readers, you weren’t wrong!



With my new larger sock blockers (still slightly too small!), they came out brilliantly. The Purl stitches did what they were meant to do, pushed the Knits forward and helped the yarn to shine.


I needed to go a lot longer on the foot than normal for these. I tried a cushioned sole and my tension seemed to be a tad too tight. You can see how the underneath of the foot is shorter than the top. A lesson learned. Again, I’m hoping this settles down with wear. The cushioned area does give a wonderful pattern though, especially with this yarn. Makes it look even more watery.



As quickly as one pair is finished however, I’m on to the next. Always on to the next toy. You understand.


Oh my sweet goodness I love them.

Love love love love love.


Both the colour and the pattern fills me with joy. They are so much fun. Imagine the scene..

Me: (putting my socks down and sighing out of the blue) I love these socks. They’re just so much fun.

Himself: Tut (rolls eyes)

This has happened around 20 times this past week.


Round and round you go, from one colour to the next, then back again. No more worrying whether I’ve moved my stitch marker on, oh no! Not with these beauties! I can just easily count the rows, without squinting or putting glasses on. Bliss.

It did take me a while to get passed the cuff. Again, I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of 1×1 rib, but wow it’s worth it. They’re tight and springy and I’m seriously tempted to use that cuff again. You knit through the back loop too, so it gives a wonderful feel and pattern to them. Sturdy almost. Functional, yet beautiful. Want to make your own? Get the pattern here.


Anyway, I feel like I need to stop gushing over these. One half of my hopes that they can be finished by Yarndale, the other half knows that it would be wonderful to do this for hours and hours on the journey. Tough decisions.

This does bring me to my next question. Is anyone else going to Yarndale? Anyone fancy some cake? Let me know and I’ll wear my socks outside the bottom of my trousers so you can spot me. I may do this anyway if I’m honest..

Time for me to hand you over to the other amazing projects on show today. These people are a great source of inspiration, you wont be disappointed. Go to Paulas blog here, or go direct here.

Next update is on the 4th October, so we’d best see you then!

Much love xx



18 thoughts on “Once Upon A Sock – September 18 

  1. Hello hello, your post makes me very happy! I love the mermaid socks, and I am beyond thrilled that you’re enjoying the Arthur to Ben pattern (helical stripes are completely addictive, I know). Can’t wait to see your progress on them!

    Sadly I can’t make it to Yarndale, but please take lots of pictures and share them.


    1. Hello! I’m so in love with them. I’m even tempted to go through the rest of the stash and look for other colour combinations. and you could do 3 strands couldn’t you? If you were feeling really adventurous and not afraid to get in a tangle? I still haven’t worked out a way to stop the tangle situation currently, but I’ll get there.

      Oh I’m sure you wont be able to get away from the pictures. Getting fairly excited now.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay for an FO! Your Mermaid Socks turned out beautifully! So sorry to get the post out a bit late today, but I see you were able to link up 🙂 I am very tempted to start the Arthur to Ben socks next; however I’m just not sure as of yet. I’m sure one of my patterns and yarn will jump out at me and scream, “Me next, me next!” Yours are looking super yummy. I hope you have a wonderful time at Yarndale and can’t wait to see pics 😀


    1. Not at all! Life happens 🙂 Thank you! I was so nervous blocking them, the moment of truth! Oh I would highly recommend them. See I have the problem that all my yarn does that :/ Like a child that’s been starved of attention.


  3. Those are nice, mermaid socks. They’re subtle but still gets the gist through. The helix socks look fun; I can see why you’re having such a great time knitting them.


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