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Unexpected Sock presents

Guys I’m so excited about this one! I’ve had my sock yarn swap through!

I’ve called it unexpected, but that’s not quite accurate. To be completely accurate, I’d have to tell you that I’d completely forgotten that I was expecting anything. It puzzled me for 2 days before I could get to the sorting office. I’d even been through my bank details, trying to remember what I’d ordered. It actually made it an even nicer surprise when I realised what it was.


Oh it’s perfect! I had the fortune to get Kat as my sender and she was kind enough to send some beautiful yarn.


Once again I should have stopped to take a picture of the packaging. One day I will learn self-restraint. Kat had wrapped my bundle in a beautiful scarf. In answer to your question Kat, yes, I love things wrapped in scarfs. I wish I remembered the trick more often. I also need to tell you about the lovely smell of Lavender from the little pouch she popped in. Clearly a wrapping genius.


Not just one, but two! How generous! It was exactly to brief. You can’t go wrong with blue. This is from Fine Fish Yarns. It reminds me of mermaids. This actually ties in really well with my current beach themed socks. Maybe I can arrange a mash up with the ends? Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ve decided that this one will be cabled socks. Something flowy that reminds me of a mermaids movement? I’ve been searching for cable patterns since I opened my box, but haven’t decided on one yet. Feel free to send me your favourite cable patterns to gush over. Safe to say, I’m powering on with my current socks as a result. Nothing like a new project to spur you on.


I’ve also got some Noro yarn. This is a Japanese yarn with lots of texture. I’ve actually got some of this stuff in a different colourway. I’m wondering if I can take this opportunity to make something larger? Have you used it before? Again, let me know and send me details!


To top it off there was some tea and some very British stitch markers to go with it. I always seem to lose my stitch markers so this is hugely helpful. I try to put them in a safe place, but apparently this mysterious place is too safe.

All in all, top notch box. Couldn’t be bettered. Kat, you’re a tough act to follow. Thank you!!

Much love xx

10 thoughts on “Unexpected Sock presents

  1. It’s always nice to get stuff in the mail. Especially when it’s a surprise. You might want to edit a typo where you say “the little pouch she pooped in” as I think you meant POPPED!!!

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