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SAL Update No 23 

Hello you lovely lot! How are you all?

Another 3 weeks have rolled around, and I’m hoping you might actually be able to see some progress this time! Take a look..

Here’s where I was last time..


Here’s where I am now.


So after last weeks haphazard but joyful approach, I decided to carry on in the same fashion. I decided to do what I wanted to do. Enough, apparently what I wanted to do is to concentrate on one area. This area.


I have no idea what drew me to this section. Maybe it was the relatively nicer looking blocks. Maybe it was the progression from colour to colour. I couldn’t tell you. All I know is that I stayed on this bit forsaking everything else. I hope it’s at least noticeable for you. Here’s last weeks close up for comparison.


Blummin’ loads! Well. Relatively loads.

Anyway, enough from me. Please go and look at the other projects on display today. They will fill you with awe and wonder, as always. We’ve got another new member this month, welcome aboard Megan. And Timothy is back! We’ve missed you!



CindyHelenLindaMary MargaretHeidi,


The next update is on the 6th May, so we’ll see you then!

Much love xx

19 thoughts on “SAL Update No 23 

  1. Beautiful! I decided to take a leaf out of your book — PUN INTENDED! — while working on my Fox. When I got a little bored filling in the green leaves, I would occasionally stitch a bit of blue. It’s the little things, right? Your project is so glorious I love seeing it coming together!


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