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Sock Swap news and gossip 

So I’m belatedly posting about this to try and make amends. I went to on Wednesday, then realised it actually was Wednesday and I’d missed the deadline. So I cried all over the keyboard here instead. Huff. Anyway. Let’s begin.


As you may of notice, the Once Upon a Sock crew (hereafter known as OUAS) has been growing with considerable size and pace within the last couple of months. (Hello you lot!) What you won’t have seen, is the behind the scenes chatting and getting to know each other. It’s been lovely. It’s also been stepped up a notch by the hard work and clever thinking of Kat who has organised a sock yarn swap. I won’t go into too many details as that feels unfair after the date has finished, like rubbing your noses in it. I’m sure there’ll be more. (Will there? I hope so!) Anyway, in short, we signed up, got assigned a giftee, now we need to send some yarn their way. Details can be found here.

What a brilliant idea! I’ve realised recently that not just the sock swap, but the KAL and SAL too feels like having pen pals. Or what I imagine having pen pals would be like. I always wanted one, but it was a goal never achieved. It’s nice to be able to get to know some like minded strangers. Especially when they send you yarn.

So the names are out and I’ve been through the stash. I must admit it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. I’ve been stalking my giftee (insert a crazy laugh here) and I’m struggling. Obviously I have too much yarn, but most of it is yarn to my taste. I’m betting that when you go through your stash, you realise that you basically have the same thing over and over. History repeats and I guarantee you’ll have the same yarn, with just a different ball band. It’s suited to me, but is it suited to my giftee? I’m determined not to buy any more, as we’re meant to be using the stash, but I’m not getting anywhere with my box either. I’ve narrowed it down to maybe 5 skeins, but I’m not sure any are right. Maybe I’m over thinking?

I think I’m now meant to subtlety hint about what I might want in return? Because this is the beautiful bit. You get something in return. Part of my want to have a pen pal was getting things in the post like a grown up. Now that I am a grown up, and all I get is bills, it’ll be nice to get an exciting surprise. So what are my preferences? Well I like blues and greens. Pink is my least favourite, although I seem to have ended up with a lot of pink. I’m not sure how. What I mean to say really, is that I’m easy. I’m just excited for the surprise. Maybe something that I can’t get elsewhere? Something I’ve never seen before? Maybe something completely different from what I would usually get for myself. It would be nice to think that this process could broaden my mind a bit.

I’ll leave it here for now, but expect much squealing and swooning when it arrives. Have a great weekend pawb!

Much love xx

7 thoughts on “Sock Swap news and gossip 

  1. I had so many penpals! I had 25 international ones and 5 American ones at different times….this was in the 80’s when penpaling was big. I’m still in touch with Tone in Norway and, in fact, went to visit her 3 summers ago!! One of the best experiences of my life….


  2. You are definitely overthinking!😆 A variety will always work, because the giftee can use it for a gift or a different swap if she truly hates it. And, if it’s a variety, even if one is a bit out there, another will probably be loved!


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