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SAL Update No 22 

Hello you lovely lot! Ready for some more SAL fun? Well you’re in luck! 

Here’s where I was last time.. 


Here’s where I am now. 


This month I’ve chucked sense, planning and duty in the bin, and have just done whatever I wanted to do. Looked at my chart and thought, that bit looks fun, let’s do it.  

We’ve got a bit of this.. 

.. a bit of that.. 


.. and some more here.  


There is of course the obligatory invisible stitches but I won’t bore you with those. 

Apologies to those of you who prefer a more ordered approach, but I’ve had such fun filling in big bits of white and getting to go nuts and use different colours. Not just a different shade of cream or purple. Bliss.  

Now, on to the others. We have 2 new starters this time, so a huge welcome to Hayley and Tony. Wonderful to have you along for the ride! Head over to have a look at the other projects on display today. Go on, shoo! 



CindyHelenLindaMary MargaretHeidiConnie,

JackieSunnyHayley, Tony

We meet again on 15th April (April! Where is this year going?!?) so make sure to come back then! 


Much love xx 

28 thoughts on “SAL Update No 22 

  1. A quarter of the year complete! It sure is flying by. Great progress with some stitching done! It is fun to change up the colors and stitch in a new spot 🙂


  2. I found them even before you showed us! You are making good progress, it is just so very large! I vote for this approach for another round, to give you more motivation.😍


  3. Hey, if bopping around to different areas and different colors suits you I say go for it! This *is* supposed to be fun afterall. I was able to spot some of the new stitches right away this time around. That has hardly ever happened in the past. 😉


  4. With a project this big you *need* to mix things up to keep it entertaining! On my Fox I’ve been trying to stick to one big color/section at a time so I can keep track, but I keep sneaking in a bit of another color now and then!

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