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SAL Update No 15

Hello lovely crafters! How are you all?

Ready for another SAL installment?

Here’s where I was last time..


And here’s where I am now.


I’ve been struck down with lurgy over the last week, so not bad progress considering I haven’t had the energy to make lunch let alone count fiddly stitches!


I’ve been working on the section to the right of the R. This was when my brain was still on the fritz so I thought I’d get some nice easy stitches done.


I’ve also been working to the side of the G. We’re now not far from being filled in now.  It gets a lot easier when you’re filling in gaps. There’s only so many places your next stitch can be! There’s been the addition of that burgundy colour.


It always surprises me with the colours used when you don’t think they’ll work. I’m not sure this bright red works if I’m honest, but maybe I just need to get everything finished around it and it’ll not stick out like a sore thumb. Looking at these pictures taken in proper daylight, it doesn’t look so bad. There’s hope yet!

Anyway, enough about me! Please head over to see the other projects in this SAL, you won’t regret it I promise.

We meet up over the wonders of the internet for an update every three weeks, so the next one is th 19th November. See you then!


Much love xx

34 thoughts on “SAL Update No 15

  1. I’m also glad for the detail shots (and text); it helps me see where you’ve been working. Too bad about the bug; hope it goes all the way away soon so you can do more of what you enjoy most! (personally I think the heart looks great)


      1. Infuriating indeed! I read something in a book once that talked about this. How we all hope and pray for some unexpected crafting time, but not with an illness that restricts your crafting abilities. Sprained ankle maybe?


  2. Oh dear so sorry to hear you have been unwell and hope you are soon back up and raring to stitch again. There is so much work in this one I don’t think I would have been able to concentrate on it if I was under the weather, so well done.


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