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SAL Update No 13

So I’m finding that rather than being excited to show my progress, I’m getting more excited at seeing everyone elses work. Anyway, it’s time for another SAL update.

Here’s where I was last time..


And here’s where I am now.


I keep promising to give you the chance to do a proper spot the difference round, and yet again, this seems like the perfect opportunity.

What d’you think?

Need a clue?

Try here..


And here.


I think I’m finding that it’s not that I’m not giving as much time as I should, but I think my stitching is getting slower. Is that possible? Surely I should be getting faster? Hopefully I can start the winter hibernation early, get some much needed sleep and restore my brain to full working order. Cross your fingers and toes for me!

While you’re crossing them, head along to see all the other projects being given an airing today. We even have another newbie today. Welcome Jackie!

We turn the sand glass over for another 3 weeks, so see you on the 8th October.


Much love xx

25 thoughts on “SAL Update No 13

  1. Maybe it’s the kind of brain I have, but I can always see where you’ve been working. Left of the G, right of the R, and that without the clues! I think you’re probably not stitching any slower, but maybe the lack of a big visible change is demotivating you? I know I had to kick myself into touch to get working on my piece again, but once I was going it went really well. Your piece has lots going on, and I always enjoy spotting what’s new!


  2. Any progress is good progress. Sometimes it just seems like nothing is happening until you put the progress pictures next to each other and then notice Wow I have made good progress.


  3. I can see your progress and I’m very fond of those neutral colors in the banner. Kate makes a great point. Maybe fill in one of those stars at the top to get another shape complete 🙂


    1. Oh they are. Its amazing how there’s pinks and nearly greens in there, but all come together to make a lovely look. I have been thinking about jumping on to something else just to shake my brain up. Think I would feel like a bit of a failure though. Need to be determined and stick to things!


  4. It’s looking great, and all those small bits of progress are getting you closer! I know what you mean about wanting to start the winter hibernation early. I hope you get the rest you need and with that, some motivation and energy to keep going!


  5. Before you go try a new shape, maybe really the section to the left of the G. It almost seems possible to fill the rest of that in this round? That might give you a real boost? You are progressing well, especially since there are so many subtle color changes.


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