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June update

So slightly late for this one! Not as late as the last one though. Progress.

June seems to have flown by. Between coming back from holiday, my birthday and some busy weeks at work, it seems to have been all go.

Due to my ankle still being less than best, I haven’t had a chance to go on any walks of late. This has not only taken its toll on my sanity and my waistline (!) but I also don’t have any bird pictures to show you. I haven’t had an update in ages without some birds in it. I’ll have to make do with flowers.


I took a cheeky snap of this from my mums garden.


My Jasmine bush has finally started to do something. It needs a huge trim and more weaving in to the frame, but this is the most flowers I’ve ever had on it. Very exciting. They’ve also started to produce scent which is new for this year. I keep getting lovely wafts when I’m out in the garden, and sometimes it even reaches to the kitchen. I’m hoping that as it fills out it’ll just become a column of flowers and smells.


I have very strict rules for my garden. I only allow things that we or the pets can eat or use to clean, anything that helps to pollinate or help the bees, or anything that smells amazing. The Jasmine falls under that category, and luckily is very pretty too.

After my birthday stash of sock yarn it dawned on me that I should probably do some yarn organisation. I had lots of single balls floating around from finishing other projects. I had Tuesday morning off so spent the entire morning beavering away.


Isn’t it delicious? I’ve got a couple of singles, enough for two pairs from some, and some of the skeins that I got at Wonderwool. I can’t wait to dig in!

Saying that, I should probably finish my first sock first…


I’ve managed to get as far as the heel flap.


I’m doing the Winwick Mum pattern so have been doing the sturdier cushioned heel. It’s a bit tighter on the flap so I’m not sure if my tension has changed with worry.

I haven’t ventured any further. I’ve been waiting for other priorities to be out of the way and to have enough time to sit down and concentrate on it. Also I’m a big scaredy cat. I think I’m just putting it off because I’m afraid of whats to come. Please send me thoughts of courage to get me through.

I’ve also been in love with my c2c scarf.


I love how these colours are coming out. I’ve decided to call it my Menorcan Sky scarf as that’s what it reminds me of.


I love how the colours change into each other, come up to brilliant blocks and then change back. The pinky orange is a lot more vibrant than I was expecting. But it does remind me of holiday sky, which is nice. Again this has been so easy to do. No real thought involved at all. Of course there have been occasions where I haven’t concentrated enough..


Oh dear. I wish I’d realised sooner. Luckily, I only had to undo the last row, but I panicked as this yarn doesn’t like a frogging whatsoever. I held my breath the whole time. I do find that I have this problem all the time, but usually I end up doing one extra at the end of the row, which is easy to fix. Anyway, love it. I’m mightily annoyed that I can’t spend as much time as I want on it at the moment.


I love it so much that I’ve even put it as the background on my phone. Sad I know.


My holiday temperature cushion has a finished front!


I now need to start work on the walnut on walnut back to join them together. I’ve also realised that I’m going to need to sew a cushion pad for it. While I’ve stuffed crochet cushions in the past, they’ve all been a tight stitch with no gaps. I can see this one coming apart if I were to stuff it without any protection. This is going to mean some tricky cutting out, but worth it I’m sure. Again, cant wait to see this all done with it’s cousin the big temperature blanket.

Just after my birthday we experienced some insanely hot weather. Why is it that I can cope with these temperatures when I’m abroad, but I feel like I’m melting when I’m in this country? Maybe it’s the humidity? Maybe it’s the fact that I have to do chores, work and get on the sardine commuter train? All I know is that it was difficult. I even had most of the days off and it was still a struggle being at home. Hoovering went undone, dishes went unwashed. I couldn’t bear the thought of it.

It did produce some new and interesting colours for the blanket however. Swings and roundabouts.


These are the colours for around the days of my birthday. I needed an extra hexagon for the blanket to fit into a rectangle, so I decided to do an extra one for my 30th to mark the occasion. It is after all what the blanket is about. Marking off my coming of age or similar.


Despite being very behind after the holiday, I managed to get all of May joined.


They’re obviously not all joined yet, but here are some of the extra colours that need to go on.


It’s lovely to see it getting a bit more diverse, especially knowing that there is more still to come.


The kittens haven’t been enjoying the weather either. They’ve got a fur coat on so it’s even worse for them. They just didn’t know what to do with themselves. They’d keep moving from cool spot to cool spot and just flop. I kept finding them in the oddest spaces..


The stairs seem to have been a favourite.


I was getting quite worried at one point. They don’t tend to drink a lot as a general rule, so I couldn’t work out how to get them to drink more. I put an ice cube in their water one day. They sniffed it and wandered off. It had melted within the minute anyway. Tut.


They’ve been very affectionate since we’ve been back too. The big one especially.




This one followed me around constantly for the first couple of days. He still is insisting on constant cuddles. It’s making crafting difficult..


The one good thing about this lovely weather is the long days and the beautiful skies. We’ve had some corkers recently.


I cant believe that half of this year has been and gone already. So as a wise woman once said , ‘Life seems no more than a quick succession of busy nothings.’


Much love all xx


11 thoughts on “June update

  1. I love the colours of your scarf, and I’d use that photo for my screen wallpaper too, so nope, you’re not “sad” lol.
    Your temperature blanket is looking great too!


  2. I think all of your crochet projects are going splendidly! Now, don’t be frightened of the join coming up on your socks. The picking up of the stitches along the side is very crochet like, and the upcoming decreases really make it look like a sock. If you get stuck and need another set of instructions with LOTS of photos, search for silver’s sock class. She did a great job showing each step, and it should help, even if your pattern Isn’t exactly the same. 😄


    1. You’ve hit the nail right on the head! I’ve never picked up stitches before. I know it should be simple, and I know that after it’s done I’ll wonder what all the fuss is about, but I’m still putting it off. Need to find myself a quiet hour this week I think and jump in. I need to man up!

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