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SAL update No 6

Hello people of the blogging world!

Three weeks have come and gone, which means it’s time for another SAL post. I do love these days.

Let’s look at the goods eh?

Here’s where I was last time..


Here’s where I am now.


I did do a very small amount of background from a leftover length from last time..


..but as promised, I’ve been working on Big Gs letters.

s1 - Copy

I’m surprised at the difference. I kept checking it back against last time. Looking at it while I was doing it, it felt like very slow progress and that I’d achieved very little, It’s not until you step back to see the difference. 


We actually have an R rather than an outline of one. I was also surprised at how much there was for me to complete, and how much there is still left to do!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there are a lot of colours that go into these letters. And everything actually. Take a look at this A.

s10 - Copy

Hopefully you can see the level of detail and the amount of colour changes that go in. Sometimes I do struggle to separate the colours in my mind. I’m just glad it all looks good when you step away from it.

Next on the list, the heart! It’s nearly finished already, but I’ll try and make a head start on the next down on the list.

As always, I’m heavily advising that you go and look at the other makers in the SAL. They’re all there underneath for you. Easy. We post every 3 weeks and (for the most part) we’re all doing different project. Keeps it interesting don’t you think? Ready? GO!


KathyMargaretCindyHelen, LindaCatherineWendyMary MargaretTimothy

See you on the 14th May!


Much love xx


20 thoughts on “SAL update No 6

  1. All those color changes are so finicky to stitch but make such a difference in the end results! I admire your patience and skill in keeping track of them and making such good progress.


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