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SAL update No 5

Yaaay it’s SAL time again!

So as you will have read, progress has been slooow this month.

Heres where I was last time..


Heres where I am now.


Not a great deal achieved. I’ve worked right down to the wire on this one too. Usually I leave myself a couple of days grace period. No such luck this time!

Last time I asked for votes as to what I should focus on next. Lets have a look at the results.

Background:       3 votes

Letters:                2 votes

Heart:                   1 vote

Star:                      1 vote

Sign:                     1 vote

Top stars:            1 vote

Thank you to everyone who voted! Seen as I’ve had a crazy month, boy was I happy to not have to think! I’ve decided I’ll be working through this list month by month, so letters next. Hopefully I’ll have got more done.

So yes, lots (well, some) background this time. The sections that I’ve been working on were surprisingly big stitch wise. Not a lot to think about, but just lots of space to fill.

The one nice thing about this week has been watching Stargazing Live. We rarely watch programs when they’re first aired, let alone live, but I’ve been making sure I’ve been about to watch it. Soothing and educational. I do love Brian Cox. It’s been ever so lovely to sit and watch the pretty sky, while stitching my own.


As always, please take the time to go look at the other amazing projects on the go. We have new members this week! This always excites me. Welcome aboard both!


Next update is on the 23rd April, so make sure to come back then!


Much love xx


24 thoughts on “SAL update No 5

  1. I forget how huge this piece is until you show a close up, and then Holy Cow! It’s enormous. I agree that a bit of mindless background filling will be pleasantly soothing and not too demanding, whilst still giving a good effect of progress. We have Brian Cox doing Stargazing Live in Australia this week!


    1. I think I forget that too! I was going to count how many were in the sections but I completely forgot.

      For you guys to watch or just filming? I was thinking of you when they were having storm trouble. Hope everything is getting closer to normal for you.


  2. To watch, live. We have some fantastic night skies down here and some really good observatories, so it’ll be fun.
    Life’s getting back to normal for us, but it’s still hell on wheels for tens of thousands of others who are still experiencing and coping with the after effects. We feel very fortunate…


    1. You can say that again. I couldn’t believe how clear they were. We’re all mountains here but still too much light to see much. Or maybe my eyesight is worse than I thought.

      And good. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for everyone. I spose that good human nature must be coming out though? Lots of helping others?


  3. We got an amazing night sky once the TC Debbie clouds dispersed, and while there was still very little light in Mackay due to power outage. We’d need to head out into the country to get the same now, but the stars are huge and brilliant when you do.
    And yes, there’s a massive amount of help and kindness. Some people here have lost everything, and the trail of destruction continues for hundreds and hundreds of kms south. It’s a black year for weather…


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