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March update

Hello everyone! How are we all?

These updates seem to be getting further and further into the month don’t they? Maybe I’ll miss April altogether.. Nah!

As always, I’m always shocked at how much the weather plays a part on my mood. Since the last time it’s been both worse and better, with heavy downpours towards the start of last week, and glorious sunshine and high(er) temperatures towards the weekend. So much so that I managed to give my new washing line the test it deserves. Again, I don’t want to bang on about more mundane chore related issues, but it’s brilliant! They say size doesn’t matter, but it does when it comes to washing lines. I always feel overjoyed when I can finally put stuff outside to dry. It wears off eventually don’t worry, but it always feels like the corners have turned and summer is on the way. Everything just smells better. We were out for a late night walk a couple of nights ago and I had to be the weirdo that was inhaling deeply the whole time. I actually had to stop Himself and make him take in the smell of the world. It’s a smell I’ll never be able to describe, but if you had to give a smell that felt like things growing, that would be it. Everything is coming alive. The smell of grass, earth, tinge of manure and rain.


Another spring time milestone for me is the appearance of crocuses in The Parents garden. I’d love to say my garden, but we’re still covered in rubble. I always ask them for crocus pictures when they arrive. I miss not happening upon them while pottering in the kitchen.


What d’you think? I snuck over and took this one. But what got me more excited were these beasts..


Look at those!!!



I’m not sure I’ve ever seen tulips so big and fat. So much so that I’m doubting my skills and wondering if they are in fact tulips? The colour is amazing too. I was tempted to steal them, but the kittens would only eat them..

Of course this time of year isn’t all fun. Year end comes around faster every year it seems. Mostly, I’ve been working late and falling asleep early. Woe is me! I tend to find myself not getting annoyed at my own organisational skills – I love a spreadsheet too much to get too caught out – but the lack of skills in others. It’s not like the 31st March has been hiding from view for the last 11 months. It hasn’t just popped out from behind a wall and said boo. Grr. Anyway, this has meant I haven’t been getting out into the nice smelling fresh air as much as I’d like. It’ll soon be over though! And I can go and sit outside on some grass, possibly one of my favourite things to do.

This time of year also brings round a lot of events and birthdays. My regular craft activities have been put on the back burner recently and I’ve had to race to catch up. There is of course the secret ATR baby project which I’m loving! It’s a bit of a slow burner, and I’m only picking it up every now and then, but its lovely. I’d be happy to continue with it for a long time. I’ve also had the not so secret, but still secret enough that I can’t show you much project which has been taken lots of time! Take a peek..


This seems to have taken over my life for a couple of weeks with everything else being sacrificed. More to follow soon!


So we’re very firmly out of coat and into hoodie weather. I love that changeover. Unfortunately though my shrug progress has slowed to a halt. It’s gotten slightly too big to take with me on the train, so I left it at home to do there. Of course other things have taken over and it’s stayed in the box.

Last time I was on 41 rounds, since then I’ve got to 46. Not huge progress but at least I can make the excuse that the rounds and larger. Also I don’t seem to be able to take a straight picture of this. Tut.

With soaring(ish) temperatures, I know what you’re all thinking. Whats that done to the blanket? I mentioned in my week off post that we finally have a green!


It appeared for a bit, spluttered, then went away again. But it’s come back and now doesn’t seem to want to leave! We had a temperature of 13 to trigger the green, but since then we’ve had 14s and even a 16 yesterday! I thought it would be a while before we got to a 17 yellow, but maybe not.


This is February finished.


This is where I got up to this week.


At the end of this row, I’ve hit the width I need. From now on I’ll be keeping the same number of hexagons per row, and building it up that way. I think I may struggle to photograph it next time. This is our biggest bit of floor space and it was a struggle for this. I’ll have to get thinking. Please excuse the step ladder also.


So yes. All been going on. Just not a great deal to show you. Yet. Keep your eyes peeled people!


Much love xx


9 thoughts on “March update

  1. I too love hanging out clothes in the spring. I pulled the line (rotary one) from the shed t’other day meaning to set it up (it gets too snowy etc in the winter to bother leaving it up) and couldn’t find the darned hole in the lawn to put it in!!! Hoping dh finds it, if not he’ll have to make another one.
    Love your tulip pics – we have bulbs coming up here too and it’s nice to be able to open some windows now and then without totally freezing.
    (psst, you have an unedited text widget in your sidebar that needs to be either deleted or edited)
    Have a great day.


    1. Ah we had to make a new one. The old one snapped off in the hole and we cant get it out.

      They were a complete surprise. I completely forgot what i was doing there and had to look at them for a long time.

      Aye I know its there. I’ve got it in mind for something, but if I delete it, I’ll have no clue how to get it back. So it’s staying until I get more organised.

      What d’you think of my new round the right way purls?

      Liked by 1 person

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